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some thoughts of mine

Hot 31114 views. 2016-7-7 14:39

This is second time I write a article here.It is far away from my expectation about the website. I first think there are so many people from various countries ,so we can talk with each other,it will be a nice experience.But finally I find that the number of members is few,because new blogs are very few.So I don't know whether to continue to be here.The happy thing of being here is I meet some people ,although We don't each others' hobby,opinion and so on, it can be a inspiration and make me feel good.

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Reply ocean0721 2016-7-7 20:12
Hi Jason, don't be sad. Although the members of this website does not post regularly, they are still here and come out sometimes. Just like me, I don't write very often, but I'd like to write something here once in a while.
Reply sweetolive 2016-7-10 08:42
Actually it doesn't matter with how many people on this website, for English improving, it is more related to whehter you have spend time writing English on a regular basis

there are someone who have alreay made huge improvement by wrting blogs and making comments, hope you can be one of them. keep going, good luck :D
Reply kuin 2016-7-12 09:15
Yeah ,the members here are not too much,the blogs update snowly,you can take a look at the miniblogs,it's something like one note that you can write your mood and opinions just in few words,it updates quickly and you can left your words under it .it'a relaxing.

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