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Shares Nanjing Normal University
2018-6-4 10:17
Last Saturday I went to Nanjing Normal University to take my BEC Vantage test. I am really fond of the overall style of that school. It's really unique and elegant. We entered the school from gate No.4. That door is really small and shabby, not very attractive, I had to say. However, af ...
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Shares Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
2018-5-26 17:04
Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
About one and a half months ago, I started playing a mobile game named Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. At the beginning, I was not familiar with the operation and the rules so I always died very quickly after games beginning. I didn't give up. Instead,I determined to play ...
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Shares The God of Thunder
2018-5-13 21:02
The God of Thunder
Each one of my friends knows that my favorite character is Captain American. However, today, I am going to talk about another superhero-Thor Odinson. Thor, the god of thunder, who is in charge of wars and agriculture in Norse Mythology. While in MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe), in t ...
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Shares Should College Students Open E-shops
2018-5-6 17:59
With the development of Internet, many people choose to keep the pot boiling by running e-shops especially young people. Some college students are also a part of them. This gives rise to a debate over whether college students should open E-shops. My personal view would be yes. I support c ...
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Shares The Shape of Water
2018-5-1 18:56
The Shape of Water
Afewmonthsago,Isaw amovie,calledTheShapeofWater.GuillermodelToro’sescapistfantasy-romanceTheShapeofWatertoldastoryofayoungwoman’s ...
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Shares My boy Kris WU
2017-12-1 22:57
My boy Kris WU
As is known to us all, nowadays, many people in China especially young adults have idols. I, too, have my own idol. I was always thinking to introduce him to you. As he has released his new song B.M few days ago, I think it is the perfect time to write something about him. His name is K ...
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Shares "Carnival"
2017-11-24 17:23
Today, I'm going to talk about something extremely serious and heavy. I want to begin with a movie which I have just watched a couple of hours ago. It's called Carnival. It tells a story about two young girls who have been raped by a powerful official Liu in a small hotel. &n ...
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Shares Double Eleven Day
2017-11-14 16:40
Double Eleven Day
Last Friday was November 10th, the whole dormitory including myself stayed up late to wait for the coming of November 11th to buy budget things. The reason is obvious. November 11th is known as Double Eleven Day in China and at this day many online shops make a sale for celebration. But ...
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Shares 2017-10-26
2017-10-26 16:25
When you are hanging out on the street, just look around, most people are good looking. It is really hard to find a woman without make-up. Yesterday when I was walking on the street with my friend, she told me that she was amazed to find that nearly everyone around her was beautiful. ...
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Shares Game of Thrones
2017-10-19 21:26
Game of Thrones
When the first time you see my title, you may be wandering that if I'm going to introduce you the famous American TC series Game of Thrones. Actually, I'm not. I intend to talk about a movie which I watched last Friday called The Invisible Guest. In this movie, a successful b ...
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