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Shares My High School
2018-6-5 20:53
My High School
When I recall the past, it occurs to me that I had a good time in my high school, Taixing High School of Jiangsu Province, finding previous memories happened there. We will never miss several big pine trees standing next to the front gate the moment we enter the school. Facing the gate is th ...
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Shares An Unusual Night
2018-5-28 17:32
At midnight, she woke up in the darkness, not knowing where she was for a while. Afterwards, she realized that she was lying in her bed in a small rental housing. It was the third time that she had come to herself at this time at night. It occurred to her that in her hometown, accompanied by her pa ...
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Shares The Invisible Poor
2018-5-13 19:15
The so-called invisible poverty-stricken population, or the invisible poor, refers to those who consume more than they earn. This phrase has gone viral on the Internet for a long time. And the younger generations often regard themselves as the invisible poor. Currently, the vas ...
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Shares And Then There Were None
2018-5-7 22:17
And Then There Were None
The mystery novel And Then There Were None , an amazing one, was written by Agatha Christie.The story goes on with the way Christie is good at, with the thrilling and twisting plots.The novel was then made into a film which didn't disappoint me. Only ten people on the island, b ...
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Shares Me Before You
2018-5-1 19:09
Will, a successful young man who was rich, handsome and would have a great life as we think, was unfortunately hit by a motorcycle, making him paralyzed rest of his life. His girlfriend who should have been married him broke up with him and fell in love with his best friend. Will bec ...
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Shares The Trend:Eating Western Fast Food
2017-12-3 21:08
The opponents of eating western fast food believe that more people, especially the children eat too much junk food which is unhealthy, while the advocates argue that western fast food has benefit that it does have some healthy food with low-calorie and nutritious dishes. It's highly acknowledge ...
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Shares The Nightingale and the Rose
2017-11-26 19:45
The book 《 The Nightingale and the Rose 》 was written by one of my favorite British writers---Oscar Wilde, and he is one of the most eminent writers in nineteenth century. He was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1854 and died in Paris, France in 1900.   ...
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Shares Singles Day
2017-11-18 22:19
Singles day has just passed away, and the fastest order from door to door delivery took just 12 minutes. Back to 2016, the very first customer to receive his order on "11.11'' did so only 13 minutes after placing it. In just one day in 2016, Tmall notched up a sales record of 120.7 bi ...
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Shares Kingsman
2017-10-29 20:59
When it comes to talk about this movie, I first recall the handsome hero-Tarun, who is well-known to us for acting the role named Agercy. At the very beginning, Agercy is a punk who does varieties of bad things such as smoking, drinking and fighting. But everything changes when he me ...
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Shares Life of Meng Xiaodong
2017-10-22 12:12
Meng Xiaodong, who was famous for her excellent skills of playing Peking Opera, created lots of glories and had a lifetime of frustrations as well. She acknowledged Yu Shuyan as her master on her way to learn Peking Opera. Additionally, she made big successes in the Peking Opera filed, thu ...
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