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Shares Don't let you young time feed a dog
2019-5-13 09:14
I think habits which a man have in twenties can have effect in all her life。
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Shares Keep fit
2019-4-22 17:40
In order to be stronger and stronger,I became the member of gym.At beginning,how to do exercises is a closed book to me.So I had to spend some money to engage a coach.If you have friends who know how to use gym equipment and do exercise,you can ask them for help.It 's an important thing.St ...
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Shares How do you learn Englisn?
2018-3-9 22:57
Today,let's to discuss this topic how you learn English .Everyone have every method,meanwhile the different purpose we have.So,can you share your method with us ?
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Shares Looks can be deceptive
2018-3-7 22:12
It is a nature human sense that beautiful things pleasure us.We may think beautiful or handsome people are kind at first ,But kindness is not relative to looks . Last week ,It was a sunny day . I walked around the park ,suddenly I hear a loud wrangle.After taking a c ...
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Shares Fresh Here-My First Day
2018-2-28 16:07
I have known this website for a long time,But I did not decide to register before.If laziness is a reason ,I have one.Today I make a big decision to register ,Because I want to practice my English .It is a proverb in China that Practice makes perfect .I'll keep writing blog on thi ...
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