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A young rationalist's理性主义者 view towords travel.

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You can’t find a room without travelers in it in today’s university. After busy with study for many years before 18, the youth couldn’t hold back their desire to get out of the familiar city of familiar people. They want to go out, to see the world by their own eyes, and to encounter new things in life. There exists an incident that when I asked a friend to have a small get-together after final exam, the answer was: I’d already bought ticket for a travelling plan so sorry to reject you. The same kind of thing happened uncountable many times when referring to invitation of go shopping, classmate reunion, and even teamwork assignment. We find roommate typing on computer a list of places of interests at midnight before exams, students assembled to talk about going out together at weekend in short break time, shouting in phones with parents along the corridor to ask for traveling expenditure and greetings like “where did you go for holiday” at the beginning of a new semester.

Usually, I’m out of this group. It doesn’t mean I didn’t go out in free time, but a short of enthusiasm and subjective wanting towards traveling. The reason is complicated that I can give a long list of factors not going out, the simplest such as short of money, feeling of exhausted, crowded traffic and so on. But, in the other hand, this list doesn’t prevent me of writing on advantages of traveling that possibly a paper at the same length. I really wondered why I couldn’t fall in love with this activity after entering college watching photos with friends and scenery, until the result came out. It’s quite rational and reasonable but also quite personal. In a word, the invisible effect of personality does the job. That’s about all the experiences you came through and those memories left in mind, about the environment you grew up with and those childhood stories of fiction or parents’ true experiences. I think it’s no need to list my parents’ traveling theory and practice now, it’s obvious enough that they are not keen on this activity as well.

They are two groups of people when mentioned travel. The rationalist favor objections under control and resources reachable other than flesh air and unusual behavior what traveling provide us. Thinking of Chinese huge population and problems to solve in an unfamiliar situation prevent them to step out of home. They have the desire to see the beauty of another area both natural and humane like the other group, the romanticist. This is just a figurative description, referring to people who think realistic obstacles count less than goodness traveling give them. They are thirsty for new things as well as have time and energy for it, always the young do. But I’m in the first group. There is an old saying goes like “ read ten thousand books equals to travel ten thousand miles”. S I would like to do the first one for it costs less and reveals you to less troubles.

I traveled more since entered CMU, often urged by my family as it’s not healthy to stay in home a lot, but just to cities around us below a days’ driving. Thanks to the invention of cars to shrink the earth. Now I have driving liscense, sometimes small evils fly in my heart to make me struggling for curiosity towards the world and indolence, especially those interests outside China. My travel theory was already formed and fixed. That means I may not be an enthusiastic traveler in future not to mention the busy doctors’ work. However, tentative chances to broaden my horizon will last forever, waiting for me to seize them. 

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Reply Tange 2018-4-21 15:51
it is luckly to do what you want to do ...

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