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About dating

Hot 2133 views. 2019-2-23 23:10

Well, actually I know little about the title in both meaning and method. But, it seems that I have just finished my first truly dating in life today, 5 hours ago I think, which last for nearly the whole day. I am wandering on what I have got, what I want to get, and what I want to get next. Only one thing is obvious---23th Febrary in 2019 has been a big day in my life, a landmark, a huge progress, though I achieved nothing accutually.

I care little about boys in the passed whole life since I was in middle school, the time most girls begin to think about boys. Chat among friends on love or how to be loved used to be a boring topic in my years, especially in selfstudy lessons. Until years passed by, each acquaintance I met during the Chinese New Year asked me if I have a boyfriend. I have thought over this problem carefully after I entered college and make several conclusion about the adventages and disadvantages on myself on this problem. With a little embarrassment and boredom, I occupied myself with perfessioned books and the colorful world. Maybe not everyone can love like those legend in movies, I confort myself.

The boy say hello to me in swimming pool as well as ask for we-chat nember. Neither is he the first one who show  favourate to me nor the first one to ask for phone number, and I felt nothing about him as usual.  The different is, I thought it's time to go for the messy problem. So I tried. Do online chat like stories or friends midnight talks, and appointed time for the first dating on the last day of my winter holiday.

Today is neither the first time I go skating this winter, nor the first time I go out with a boy alone, but truly the first dating in my life when I care about things between boy and girl only through the process. An boy always want to show his gentility in face of an girl, so did this one. So I find excuses such as "to find sit in the classroom for the new sesmester" to show my shyness and hardworking and made the plan. We walked through my school in the morning, had lunch together in a restaurant I supposed, and went skating in the afternoon. I said a lot of myself, much more than he said about himself. As a result I have a pain on my throat just now.

To simply say happpy or love is not the truth. Now that it is a meaningful moment as the first dating, I must find something to fulfill my attitude towards life. Firstly, this boy is not my sweet. I still feel nothing about him now and he talked a little but touched me a lot during the day. Secondly, if I can't learnt how to love a boy in the future, just follow the boyfriend selecting rules is ok. Thirdly, to chase my own life is much more meaningful than finding a dreaming boyfriend. And finally, how to reject someone is proper and decent when he just bought you a bundle of rose which seems to be expensive?

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Reply admin 2019-2-23 23:39
Very interesting experience. Good luck  
Reply wangjide01 2019-2-25 15:50
Maybe you are too rational to talk about love.   The reason maybe the boy is not your Mr right.  The love is a precious experience in your life no matter how the result is.  Go ahead, you'll find your love one day. Best regards.
Reply Sophia.JIANG 2019-2-26 21:00
Thank you for the encouragement.

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