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complaint and the "No Complaint World"

92 views. 2019-3-7 23:19

There was a time when my father occupied himself with a book called "No Complaint World".(The book named can be uncorrect for I had seen the Chinese version only) He talked about the theory everyday on dinner with large enthusiasm and bought a purple ugly bracelet just like the picture on the frontpage of that book. It is said that gentleman should change the bracelet from left to right if he complains about whatever unpleasant little  annoyances during the day, and move it to left again when he makes complaints the second time. He asked me to do so as well though I just let it fade from my mind. The period last about half an year. Long before, the purple ugly bracelet was lost in the house like all of those small interesting pieces we bought in the passed long long life such as magic cube, Korean crystal hairpin and many books. I saw the bracelet several times after that in cleaning activities but it would soon disappeared in my mind in all time.

Then I grow up to the age enough to care about interpersonal skills and psychology. Sometimes the theory of no complaint in world occured to my heart unexpectedly so I try to follow it. On one hand, it's good for making friends with strangers who you never known before. On the other hand, it gives way to avoid being disgusting in others' eyes. On yet the other hand, no complaint in everyday life can shape ones personality in .......just the good way, but what's good is unclear. 

An roommate of mine complaint on my personality and the way of speaking yesterday on dinner table, face to face. Actually I do realize that I'm different from nowadays majority which is not a illusion. However there is no right and wrong on different types about personality.

To be continue...

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