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the young are going abroad

Hot 1290 views. 2019-11-24 17:20

I take it as a serious question for the young whether to go aborad for futher study or not. 
Generally, it depends on the family's financial condition, the student's major and will. However, this not the truth accoradding to what I saw in my everyday life. It's the parents to decide their children should go out or not, only.

For younger students in middle school, it is apparent that they just compelled by theirs parents to enter English school for IELETs or TOFEL which lead to applying for university in another country usually in America or Europe. And for thoses who already become adults, if they were not satisfied with their profession or school at present and want to go abroad themselves, they still need to ask parents advice because it was them who feed us.

And here is the problem: my father wants me to leave China after i entered college and got a good profession and a clear self-plan for future. But he want me to go abroad completely by myself to get the offer, scholarship and the most important__English lisence. He refused to pay the money for my to study english but just the price of the test. And to say the truth, my family do not have the ability to support me studding in a famous school in America or England. 

 I do not want to leave, all i want is finish my 8 year of study life in total then become a doctor in a hospital of my hometown. Not to mention I'm already a fourth year students in clinical medicine which is very hard to be accepted by other countries. But my father just neglect the problems of changing into another major, or am i excellent enough to get full schorship, or the difficultied i'll meet in a completely strange place that i never known before-----i'm just a girl!

I had an argument with him in the  way back to school just now, and these kind of argument happened once and once again in the past 3or4 years, nearly once a week! I'm enough with it! He just want me to leave china because some unrational thoughts about the countries late history and today's government, no matter what hard condition his daughter might met in her career and how huge is the obstacles for a oridinary family like mine to let the child going abroad!

I can't stand it anymore. It's has been four years and he is still getting more and more worse in the attitude when talking about it to me! 
Today i went to CET6 oral English test for the second time and father collected me, when he was driving, he scolds me on the usless of this test because he wants me to take IELETs eventhough he doesn't know what it is clearly!

What should i do? My school is in the same city and i don't think i can live by myself at present.

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Reply bluephoebe 2019-11-28 09:07
As a daughter and a mother of a 12 year old, I totally understand how complicate and tricky the parents-children relationship could be. In fact, I just had a short conflict with my son this morning. As a parent, we certainly should learn to respect our children’s decision, but believe me, it’s not that easy. We have to fight with our born desire to protect our children, to give them the best, to expect them to be their best version—or at least that’s what we think. That desire could be really overwhelming. Sometimes we made mistakes and we even hurt our children despite the fact that we love them more than anything else. I guess your father is the same. Family sometimes can be a pain in the ass, but we can’t pull away from them. Anyway, it’s cliché, but a heart-to-heart conversation perhaps is the only solution.
Reply Sophia.JIANG 2019-11-28 22:00
I once learnt at school that parents all meet a great change in their attitude towards life when the child left home for their career. The curricular is named Social Medicine. Maybe my father just can't fit it because he is trying to enage in every prospective of my life, though he rarely care about me and my study when i was in middle school(I was a good student that time)

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