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Shares 2019.5.16 Diary at night
2019-5-17 00:43
The performance has just been finished today evening while there is still a huge amount of things remain to be done in the following days. It is 23:35 on 16th of May now, the moment that I've just completed with what I should have done today. I went for self study in the morning, had lunch and we ...
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Shares A failed English interview
2019-4-12 20:10
This is the second time that I participate an English interview for almost the seem purpose compared with last one, and the result was same too. I failed, twice. It really disappointed me when getting that message the first time, but this time I was calm and thought careful ...
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Shares Complaint and the No complaint World2
2019-3-11 19:25
Follow the last one. A roomate of mine "complaint" on my personality on a dinner together. I took the following words as self-mitigation: Sometimes, we tend to pour our most unfriendly and impatient words what is called complaints on the closest person we have. Nevertheless, I still felt de ...
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Shares complaint and the "No Complaint World"
2019-3-7 23:19
There was a time when my father occupied himself with a book called "No Complaint World".(The book named can be uncorrect for I had seen the Chinese version only) He talked about the theory everyday on dinner with large enthusiasm and bought a purple ugly bracelet just like the picture on the frontp ...
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Shares About dating
2019-2-23 23:10
Well, actually I know little about the title in both meaning and method. But, it seems that I have just finished my first truly dating in life today, 5 hours ago I think, which last for nearly the whole day. I am wandering on what I have got, what I want to get, and what I want to get next. Only one ...
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Shares A young rationalist's理性主义者 view towords travel.
2018-4-18 21:58
You can’t find a room without travelers in it in today’s university. After busy with study for many years before 18, the youth couldn’t hold back their desire to get out of the familiar city of familiar people. They want to go out, to see the world by their own eyes, and to encounter new th ...
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Shares About travel to seaside.
2018-4-18 21:56
Here is a beautiful seaside view. Placid water with a little ripples shows up in a clear blue color, where stands small islands covered with verdure plants in the horizon. Sky is so blue where clouds intersperse in the distance. A man wearing only pants lying on soft sand under the bright sunl ...
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Shares When metion your favourite travel experience.
2018-4-18 21:54
I’m not a travel enthusiast, but I do travel several times in the past 20 years of my life. Since it’s impossible for a child of middle class-family never leave her hometown, and that’s how the result come out. Crowded people in mountains, besides rivers, cumulated in stations and deliberat ...
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