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Looking after kid at home

Hot 154 views. 2020-3-22 23:48

     In Guizhou province,  The graduating classes in secondary school and senior high school have resumed classes on March 16 .My wife, as an English teacher who teaches English for a secondary graduating class this year,  from the day on , need to work every day except for weekends .But for me, the definite time be allowed to resume work is not still confirmed.
     After my wife resumed work, I have to spend most of my time accompanying my baby kid every day. It isn't a really really easy job to look after a baby at home by oneself. Many trifles that I have to do one by one,such as change clothes,diaper,make breakfast for him and give him feed,etc.The best hard part, for a baby who just one year and seven months old,is you must keep  your eyes on his boby anytime when he play on his own.So, you have less possibility to have own time to do something that you need to concentrate on.It  seems that I can see why many women who have ability and gift to create their own careers,but have nothing to achieve in the end,for their time and energy were consumed  on her baby. I think I shouldn't have quarreled  with my wife frequently, she spend most of her time and energy on our baby, sometime she have a bad temper can't be normal any more.Most importantly,I need to learn control my bad feeling, bad temper only can make things become worse.

                                                                              Wrote on March 21,2020.

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Reply teadrinking 2020-3-25 22:46
It goes back to normal. Many guys have returned to work. And women have sacrificed much of their time to take care of babies. We have to respect their contribution to homes and society.  After the experience of taking your kid, you surely understand the hardship of taking a baby. So you get to know your wife has done much for the family and are willing to share some of the housework as long as you are available.

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