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I am What I am Named

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I am so grateful that I joined the TM club that day on a whim. People with various backgrounds gather together there to fulfill different goals they’ve set for themselves. While some hope to become better leaders by improving their leadership skills at the club, other wish to practice their presentation skills so they become great orators. As for me, I don’t have any extravagant hope for myself. I neither am that excited about climbing the career ladder nor have the ambition of growing myself into some kind of expert of speechmaking. But I’m so eager to take a part in the club activities because God knows how I missed falling back in love with English speaking and writing. 

I had been a guest of the club for the previous 5 club gatherings and made a few short improvised speeches. At last week’s gathering, my sixth attendance, I had the honor to become an official member of TM club and will deliver my first prepared speech soon where I will introduce myself to other club members. I’m so nervous and excited. I’ve been thinking about what to say to make my speech appealing or at least less unexciting. I’ve been drafting what I’m going to say in my mind these couple days. 

Here it is.  

Dear fellow members and distinguished guests, I’m so honored to be here and deliver my ice-breaking speech to you. Just like everyone else, I guess I’ll start by giving a brief introduction of myself. However instead of presenting myself in a routine and uninteresting way, such as by tell you my job, what I do, and listing down my hobbies, I guess I’ll let you know about me by offering you a defining feature of me.

So basically, I am what I am named. What I mean by that is, my Chinese name, when translated into English, means “honeysuckle”, which is a type of flower. But, it’s not only a flower, it’s also an essential herb that cures. A honeysuckle’s leaves and roots can be used for medication purpose. It’s has a main function of clearing away our bodies’ internal heat and detoxifying. It has been used as an ingredient of Chinese herbal medicines for hundreds of years. It’s refreshing and it calms people down. That’s why I said I am what I am named. I am a quiet and peaceful person who loves to read. I rarely take part in those heart-shaking activities such as rock climbing or sky diving. I work hard not because I’m obsessed with promotions or salary increase, but because I strongly believe that God helps those who help themselves. I’m not an exact competitor although I totally understand how competitions have become an indispensable part of our life. Still, I always want to make peace with people, just like the way a honeysuckle heals. Alright, this is me, a honeysuckle. I hope you will like me. Thank you. 

Okay, this is what I’ve brain stormed so far for my very first speech at the club. Good that I still have some time to refine the wordings and hopefully I’ll make a successful delivery. 

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Reply admin 2020-3-5 22:47
Toastmaster Club is really a great place to practice public speaking skill.
Reply Chloee 2020-3-8 17:29
Thanks~ I will try my best to stick to it~~

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