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Shares Child
Chloee 2021-5-17 21:38
I want to adopt a child. I want to be a mother. I want a love that will never fade way but last till my very last day. I believe this is not the type of emotion that any man can offer. I’ve lost all my faith in men. Men, they walk in and out of my life, like passers-by. I need ...
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Shares Farewell 2020. Please, Never Come Back
Chloee 2020-11-28 00:07
At the midnight of 27th November, listening to Leslie Cheung’s “Me” — I am who I am, firework with a different colour … Suddenly the thought of writing something about this nasty year flashed by my mind. COVID-19 must be the best and only topic to start wit ...
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Shares I am What I am Named 2
Chloee 2020-3-9 22:34
I am What I am Named 2
I redrafted my ice-breaking speech as follows: Title: Honeysuckle – a magical plant. So, what is a honeysuckle? As the title of my speech suggests, it’s a plant. If you look it up in the Oxford Dictionary, it says that a honeysuckle is a climbing plan ...
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Shares Movie Review: Better Days (《少年的你》)
Chloee 2020-3-8 17:08
Movie Review: Better Days (《少年的你》)
Please remember to look up at the sky, even if you have to live in the gutter. 生活在阴沟,也要记得仰望天空。 I guess this is what the movie is all about. The phrase perfectly applies to Chen Nian, a senior high school girl preparing for Gaokao but fell prey ...
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Shares I am What I am Named
Chloee 2020-3-5 21:48
I am What I am Named
I am so grateful that I joined the TM club that day on a whim. People with various backgrounds gather together there to fulfill different goals they’ve set for themselves. While some hope to become better leaders by improving their leadership skills at the club, other wish to practic ...
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