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Shares Happy to be a volunteer for my daughter's kindergarten
2021-12-22 09:27
It was a happy time for me that I was a volunteer for my daughter's kindergarten.
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Shares The way of improving your English listening skills
2021-12-18 10:20
There are two ways to improve our English listening skills. They are both importance.The one ways is called INTENSIVE LISTENING.The other one is called EXTENSIVE LISTENING. Extensive listening means you can listen to radio or watch all of the English programs that you ar ...
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Shares The married wedding of boss' daughter of My wife
2021-12-13 09:31
I participated in the married wedding of boss' daughter of my wife. I was shocked by the decoration of wedding environment . Everything was luxury . whatever the platform , lighting , music and the dishes ! His daughter is 29 years-old. whom age is the same as his son-in-the-la ...
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Shares How are you!
2021-12-11 09:16
How are you everybody ! It is a long time no see you here !I hope your everything is Ok!
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Shares Less is more!
2021-10-11 14:52
"Less is more", this is a famous slogan of Minimalist . I love it very much! I am cleaning my room to find out many things which are useless in my real live. I through away them to trash bin. I feel relax and freedom . There are many books which I don't read never. I just bought them in o ...
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Shares toothache is killing me
2021-9-29 15:01
Oh my god! My toothache is killing me! I no ideal what was happen with my tooth. My toothache causes my headache now. All of my brain is ache. I have taken some medicines. But they is seem no effect. What the fuck ! This pain is the most serious I have ever feel. Now . I am on duty. But I don't ...
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Shares Nonviolent conversation whit our children
2021-9-28 14:31
I learned something skills about how to have nonviolent conversation with my children. This is very important for us to improve the relationship between my son and me. In the past, I always ordered my son to do something as father character.
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Shares Hot water 22TH/SEPTEMBER/2021
2021-9-22 16:02
Hello .Today is first day after Mid-Autumn festival. Hoping everybody has a nice and warm holiday. My feeling is very tire near days. My wife told me that I should drink some hot water instead of cool or cold beverages. It is would help body against tire ...
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Shares Happy Mid-Autumn festival 20TH/STEMPER/2021
2021-9-20 14:16
Tomorrow is one of our traditional important festival, which is named Mid-Autumn festival. All of our children will hole a lantern to go round the street at night. Adults will set down around the round table and have some tea and taste Moon cake. Discussing the hot topics o ...
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Shares Communication is the most way in our live. 16TH/SETEMPBER/2021
2021-9-16 14:04
My communication is not very well. Therefore, I have not any friend in real live. I am learning a book which namednonviolent communication
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