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Shares A good novel for primary level learners 15TH/SETEMBER/2021
2021-9-15 10:03
I bought a book on internet which named Charlotte's Web. This is a good book for primary level learner. The new vocabularies don't many! About 5500 vocabularies are enough to understand the main content of it. The leading actor is a runt pic which names Wilber . The other lead ...
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Shares I hate learning English 14TH/SEPTEMBER/2021
2021-9-14 16:44
Hello. I am frustrated by some English ! I can not understand what the CCTV English news said! fuck!
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Shares E-E ditctionary 13TH/SETEMPBER/2021
2021-9-13 10:18
A new Monday has started. I waked up at 6 AM in the morning! My breakfast was some of sweet potatoes with a cup of water. then , I took a pill of medicine which treat my gout. My son's breakfast was rice noodle roll with a box of pure milk which brand was called YI LI . The famous ...
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Shares A live of sunday 12th/September/2021
2021-9-12 16:05
Today was Sunday which is one of four rest days for every month as well. In the morning , I taught some syllables and pronunciation of English to my son. then we eaten some breakfast together! In the afternoon ,I watched a classical film, which was called after my father sent my son to che ...
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Shares Teacher's day
2021-9-10 14:53
Today 10TH/September/2021 is anniversary Teacher's day. I hope all of the teacher in this world will happy and happiness every day for ever.
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Shares Miss you who are members of this website
2021-9-9 14:46
How about you ! I discovered there are many accounts which had not updated for about 8-10 years. I hope that they can return here to update their situation through articles. I am curious about your live now. Do you become a parents .How old are your children. How about your parents? Wha ...
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Shares Friend
2021-9-8 15:28
What is the true friends? What do you definite the means of true friend? My wife told me that a of her best friend's daughter have a serious disease about brain in the morning today. She is a single mother.She has supported a daughter for 17 years after she divorce from her husband. She ...
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Shares regret the bad leaning status in my childhood.
2021-9-7 08:46
I really recognize my knowledge is so insufficient in modern society! I remember that I had been a bad student when I was in primary school period. I had done every things what I could do at that time expect learning. I considered that leaning knowledge was bored and useless. T ...
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Shares Earning Money
2021-9-6 09:36
My temper is very bad today! I need money ! but , My job can not be satisfaction!
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Shares My idol “ZENG GUO FAN”
2021-9-3 15:57
My idol is name ZENG GUO FAN , Who is famous people in Qing dynastic ! I never forget a famous sentence "If somebody want to be successful , who must avoid two characters , one is LAZY , the other one is PRIDE"
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