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Shares I have given up smoking for 10 days.
2021-8-10 08:32
I have given up smoking for 10 days. Was it a good news? I thought that it is. But My body and my body have a series of serious symptoms now! I my body doesn't have power. I want to sleep day and night. There isn't any spirit in my face. I can not think anything at this condition. When I se ...
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Shares The birthday of My elder brother in the law
2021-8-7 17:22
Today is wife's elder brother birthday 45 years old. They invited us to participate in their party yesterday. I don't like him , But I have to participate in their party. why I don't like him, I think that you will ask me this problems!
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Shares Never complain about other things except yourself
2021-8-6 15:53
One day, If you have to fact the trouble thing which lets you angry and anxiety. Please don't complain about other things except yourself. The key problem is not in the trouble thing by itself. The key problem is in ourselves. Why do you get angry with the trouble thing? I think th ...
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Shares I have a disease whom name is gout
2021-8-5 16:47
My ankle of right leg is very very painful today. I went to see the doctor, She said that I had contracted a disease whom name is gout . When I understood what the disease was , I was stocked by the disease! I am just only 32 yeas old this year .
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Shares Rich VS Poor
2021-8-4 17:04
One day a father and his rich family took his young son on a trip to the country with the firm purpose to show him how poor people can be .They spend a day and a night in the farm of a very poor family .When they got back from their trip the farther asked his son ,How was the trip ...
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Shares Never give up in your career
2021-8-4 11:04
if you have to be a successful people. You have to update yourself continually. Never give up in your career of your rest live days . Therefore, when I have to change my job, I will join in a new industry to challenge my abilities. Our society is changing continu ...
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Shares How to get a good individual of financial lucky
2021-8-3 07:40
Is this a very interesting questions for you? HAHA, I think that there are many people answer Yes! I would tell you, there is a crucial person whom name is wife in the discussion. A great woman can let your 3 generations to prospero ...
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Shares Our livelihood is the same a kite!
2021-7-30 22:30
There days , I fall in love with playing kite! I love that feeling which the kite is moving more and more higher along with wind! That situation seem to be our reality live. The sky is our society. Everyone is a kite. The kite of height in the sky is our social status. E ...
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Shares The new journey of E-commerce manager
2021-7-27 14:54
That is my new phase in my sales career. I determineto become a E-commerce platform manager. Because,The commercial information is more transparency,the profit of distributor is more lower. The decision is not easy to determine. That means , I have to put ...
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Shares The First day new job in the new company
2021-7-26 14:26
This is my first day in the new company ,which staple is Pet strollers and baby car. I have never had those industrial experience . therefore ,I felt very very anxious and serious . I am thirty-two years old , I just want to get a stable job with a reasonable salary ...
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