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Chapter 16 A snowy day

Hot 141 views. 2020-6-23 15:38 |Individual Classification:The girls in the Academy

At the end of December, it got colder and colder. One morning when Sophie opened the window, she discovered frost had set in the night before! The trees were wrapped in silvery snow and frost. Sophie thought, today the road must be very slippery. So she had a quick breakfast and walked to the classroom, instead of riding a bike. 

Sophie sat down and the bell rang. The professor had not arrived yet. She took out her textbook and started to read the new text. 

Half an hour passed and the professor did not appear. The students began to chat with each other curiously: “What’s wrong? The professor never is late. Where is she today?” Someone was beginning to put away their books, ready to leave. Then the door burst open and the professor came in. 

Hurrying to the teacher’s desk, the professor apologized many times as she took out her book. Looking at the students’ curious eyes, the professor smiled around and explained: “Today it frosted, and the road is very slippery. Though I started very early from home, I fell off my bike several times and now I am late. I am very very sorry. I’m afraid maybe we have to take a few minutes after class to finish the new text.”

As the professor was explaining, Sophie noticed her hands were swollen and bruised. The professor began the class wearing a sweet smile. Sophie looked at her swollen hands, her mind swirling. Actually the professor did not have to arrive here this morning. She could lie to her students she was ill and stay at home comfortably in her house. But she did not. She was determined to arrive here, because she must be honest to her students. 

Warmth arouse in Sophie’ s heart, mixed with a bit of regret: She used to be so silly and irresponsible. In class her thoughts always wonder and she was always late. She was resolved to have more sense of responsibility from then on. 

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Reply Sumingyu 2020-6-23 19:59
One handling vermilion will be reddened;
One touching ink is likely to be darkened.

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