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Body parts vocabulary

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Eyes, eyebrows,

Lin Daiyu was tracing her eyebrows.

Nose, nostril, cheeks, ears, eardrops, skin, complexion, fairy complexion, sensitive, pupils, eyelid, eyelashes, wrinkle, hair, curly hair, straight hair, dye hair, lips, lipstick, mouth, teeth, tooth, tooth fairy, a decayed tooth, the flesh beside the tooth is swelling, chin, neck, throat, Adam’s apple, shoulders, shrug his shoulders, chest, breast, chicken breast, arms, stretch out your arms, elbow, joint, wrist, finger, thumb, index finger, middle finger, fourth finger, little finger, palm, leg, thigh, knees, joint, ankle, foot, feet, toes, stand on tiptoe, fingernail, bones, heart, heart chamber, veins, artery, blood, blood vessel, blood type, stomach, stomachache, liver, bile, intestine, nerve, nervous, muscle, flesh, temperament, blood, ruddy, bile, balance, disease, health, body fluid, blood circulation, heart beat, heart rate, kidney, lungs, breathe, clip my fingernails, fist, stamp your feet, wink, open your eyes, close your eyes, clap your hands

Brain, reaction, intelligence, intellectuals, intellect, wisdom, clever, brain damage, nerve, skull, skeleton, smile, facial muscle, facial cream, facial expression, sweat, perspiration, sight, near sighted, wear glasses, contact, catch a cold, cough, inflammation, see a doctor, disease, recover, medicine, pills, tablets, bitter, keep health, sneezing, sneeze, sports, movement, fresh air, crawl, illness, disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, death, deathbed, corpse, coffin, terror, terrorist, grave, life, vitality, fetus, infant, middle aged man, nutrition, cell, waste, hip, wrist, supple, cosmetics, fashion, court, lead, unhealthy, poisonous, image, impression, apply cosmetics on her face, fragrance powder, fragrant, body odor, perfume, hide body odor, upper class, armpit, operation, physician, doctor, surgery, doctorate, pain, anguish, pain, painful, pang, hurt, hurtful, harmful, shed blood, sew, injury, organ, pores, savage, hairy, tall, height, tongue, articulation, tip of the tongue, mother tongue, tongue tied, stammer, born with a golden spoon in his tongue, ears, earring, neck, necklace, body, body language, gesture, squat, sit, stand, stretch out your arms, kick, morning exercise, leap, hop, skip, jump, short distance race, long distance race, athlete, champion, hungry, calorie, diet,

Brain storm, scalp, my hair stood on end, trembling, listen, hear, fat, plump, infection, disinfection, digestion, blood pressure, low blood pressure, hypertension, measure blood pressure, blood donation, torso,

The torso of a lion, and the legs of humans.

Forehead, neckline, bodice, low neckline, fashion, temple, sense of hearing, deaf, mime, make up, mask, trace eyebrows, blind, blindfolded, head, handle, pleated, braid, dye hair, comb hair, scalp, wash hair, shampoo, the hair is oily, dry hair, bald, beard, villain, blue beard, have a bath, wash oneself, hands, left handed,

I am left handed. I can use both hands fluently. I use scissors with left hand. I scrawled with left hand. Determined by the genes.

Pingpang game

Right hand, hand in, wave hands, hug, handicraft, handicapped, disabled, handy, handle, bosom, bosom friend, spine, cerebral, rib, tendon, thin, slim, slender, skinny, hunchback, flesh, allergic, comfortable, uncomfortable, well, unwell, in good health, examination, stockings, socks, high heeled shoes, gloves, scarf, sweater, trousers, pants, garment, gown, shirt, chemise, skirt, hooped skirt,

Brush your teeth, toothpaste, dentist, bite, chew, munch, nibble, swallow, gulp, thirsty, saliva, spit, freckle, sun proof cream, water proof, protect your skin, a beauty, pretty, charming, squint his eyes, choke, hairdo, fringe, outlook, emotion, memory, psychology, body temperature, mercury, fever, have a fever, normal temperature, soul, physical exercise, PE lessons, strong, weak, constitution, energy, energetic, energy, deep set eyes, flush, blush, rosy cheeks, her face turned crimson, her face turned pale, she looks angry, she looks annoyed, she is furious, she smiles, she laughs, she laughs at others, she grinned, he leered, she chuckle, make faces, look solemn, look serious, dance, lumber, tiptoe, stride, march, walk, glide, slide on the ice, shuffle, step forward, run, gallop, sprint, dash


Your handwriting is good and neat.

Calligraphy, Chinese calligraphy, knead, scrawl, do not scrawl at a site, throat, get a sore throat, bracelet, ring, wear a ring on your index finger, touch, taste, fatigue, tired, exhausted, strength, tired, have a rest, pant, breathe, breath, breathless with joy, oxygen, sleep, slumber, afternoon nap, have enough sleep, sleepless, insomnia, faint, wake up, dream, an interpretation of dreams, I have a dream, sleeping beauty, beauty and beast, thought, fiber, nutrition, element, food for thought, calcium, zinc, iron, fat, her eyes are sparkling, eye contact, have eye contact with the audience, nudge, sprain his ankle, finger print, unique, signature, impression, injection, bacteria, disinfection, wash your hands, shock your head, deny, nod, navel, sandals, leather shoes, boots, cobbler, lack of exercises, inherit, pregnant, throw up, glare at, gaze, observe, listen attentively, I could hear a pin drop. Martial arts, crawl, sigh, speak, utter, purse her lips, mouthwatering, warmth, down coat, barefoot, heel, naked, dress up, costume, clothes, garment, cloth, get dressed, pajamas, silk,

Heel, turn on her heels,tears, dimple, tongue twister, sit cross legged, stand up side down, crouch, lie, frown, mask, sit still, countenance, cripple, club foot, foot sore, limbs, on all fours, scramble, cerebral cortex, slap, spank, corporal punishment, clear his throat, stare at space, mind, body and mind, open minded, mental, faculty, sense, sensitivity, learn by heart, whole heartedly, heart shape, sweet heart, bun, hairpin, ribbon, acne, body proportion, foot print, ugly, mustache

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