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-----This passage was written long, long ago, several years ago.
I nearly forgot what I have written down. I found it from a folder of my computer today.
I shall read it again and see what I have written down.
Put it in my English journal. 
If I am in the habit of recording my thoughts, I would treasure daily thoughts in my journal.

A spring afternoon, we were blindfolded 

In March, I attended an Outward Bound activity organized by my company. It was not the risky activities that impressed me most. What touched me to the heart was the game of Blind-Square. 

In the morning we made some preparations. The coach had divided into different teams and alarmed us of some safety tips. After lunch, I was very sleepy. I leaned on a chair to have a nap. 

There was some noise from the yard. Someone was calling me by the window, asking me to wake up and follow them. In haste I got up and rushed out. My teammates were waiting for me. As soon as I had arrived, the coach led us to an open space. 

All eyes were on the coach, as he handed out several blindfolds, declaring: “Ok now, we will play a game called Blind-Square. When the game begins, I will blindfold all of you and you will have to pick up the ropes on the ground, connect them and make a square as large as you can.” Then the coach offered to blindfold our eyes. Mine was a yellow colored blindfold. At one moment there was darkness. 
I had fallen into a world of darkness. 

I did not even notice there was any rope at my feet! Everyone was chirping around me. In a flash I recalled some afternoons and yards in my childhood, when and where I was playing hide and seek with my little friends. It was true that I felt like a child when my eyes were blindfolded all of a sudden. So helpless, so innocent, and feeling my steps. What a different world. 

I stretched out my hand to “feel” my friends, and walked to the directions of their voices. 

My friends were discussing an important issue around me. 

A high pitched girl’s voice said: “I think we should pick up all of the ropes on the ground first.” 

“Right!” agreed another. “We must not lose a single rope.” 

I squatted down to feel the ropes, but with no achievement. Then everyone was saying something around me, making me feel very worried. 

“Oh, I can’t find any rope!” “Come here and connect your ropes with mine!” “We can’t do this!” “We must!” Someone was bumping into me and I was pressing on some boys’ feet. No way! 

Once the eyes were blindfolded, every adult had become a child in an instant, doing everything in a childish manner. 

Then, to facilitate the game, the coach divided the team into different groups. I found my group by feeling my friends. First, my group had a discussion. I listened, joined the discussion and then denied several pieces of advice. I said everything so directly that I surprised myself. In this case I could tell everything without any expression, and I did not have to be worried of the expressions of my friends. Where was my common sense any way? Sometimes I hate seeing anguish by my own eyes. 

Then we did everything in order and in silence, following merely the team leader’s orders. First we found all the ropes, and then we connected it, folded it, unfolded it and then stood in four corners. 

The game was a great success. We opened our eyes to see we standing around a large square, equally divided by every team member standing at the four corners and between the lines. We were so happy that we clapped and cheered. 

Days were gone by when I recalled this game with my eyes healthy and bright. Sometimes I tend to pay more attention to my own anguish than to show concern for the people who have fallen into a world of darkness. I tend to focus on the past hatred or fear rather than seeing this beautiful world presently changing around me with my own eyes. 

A friend of mine have asked me a question: "How to overcome the fears of failures in life?” at the moment when she asked me this question, I could not give her an answer. But now I can tell her: “Close your eyes and then imagine your beautiful world is not in your sight any more; and then open your eyes to see all of them coming back to you. Thus, you will learn to cherish the valuable things around you.” 
May our visions grow more beautiful than our inner darkness. 

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