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Drifting Times along a stream

45 views. 2020-11-21 19:27 |Individual Classification:travelogs

At the end of a spring, rafting along a stream

The old sculler was stood at the tip of the raft, the rippling times

As if I was rafting from the chaotic cities to the peace of the past. No sound in the water, and the mountains stood firmly around. Looking back, the mountains were making slight movement, water was flowing and sun rays immersed in the remote rim of heaven. 

A beautiful image.

Water streamed as time passed. Looking back, the times radiate among soft clouds.

Invisible times, shaded by mountain ridges. The beautiful time and space glowed in momentary hues. Countless people passed, imprinting their impressions.

As a toddler, I combed two short handles and I had a pair of dark eyes. Lying in Mum’s embrace softly. A beautiful time that had drifted away. Mum was gazing at me youthfully and beautifully. No hatred or struggles in the mind, as peaceful as the clouds and streams. 

I drifted along the streams, missing a person in the remote place. He was looking at me smilingly with his bright eyes, soothing me of anxiety. I miss him, in the drifting time. But I had drifted here. In a remote time-space he is as unapproachable as a flying bird on the mountain peak. If we were to meet in the future he would not be whom I now remember, because both of us can’t ever trace the past time. 

Drift to “Grandmother’s Home”. This was the end of rafting, but the beginning point of life. I had looked back and smiled at the peaceful times. I knew everything was the drifting times of a traveler. 

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