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Chapter 1 My Attic

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I learned Greek letters. Xi looked like a deer with curved horns. Gamma looks like a sheep. Crooked delta is a mystical symbol, and Zeta is an small elf. Mu is not easy to remember, and Nu changes its pronunciation. Pi is probably a maths symbol. For a moment, I was thinking of Phi. 
      I recognized some letters with interest. White Crow wrote the letters for me on a slate, and stuck some letters on a magnet. I touched the letters and felt the letters. We learned about Greek pronunciation. Probably, when the Greeks speak, they would vary for three times in a single word! When they speak, probably they would utter syllables like birds twittering! However, it would remain a misery, and no one would ever know how a Greek would speak. 
       Then we browsed some Greek words. The Greek book is different from Latin book from the first page. Profound, thoughtful and wise. I have opened a new window and let in some fresh air. The scenery and air feels different. I am cracking Greek and reading in English. 
        Sophia. I read the letters and pronounced the word. Wisdom. Wisdom in broad sense is universal. In specific fields, wisdom means cunning, clever and practical skills. The art and craft of gods are music skills or skills for keeping health. Wisdom derives from daily life. What is related with wisdom? Sound judgment or intelligence in moral life, and knowledge as opposed to ignorance. 
       This is the simplest explanation for thinking of the word wisdom. I have rarely mediated in this way previously. Philosophy would inspire my thoughts.
       Know, refers to several different aspects of the intellect. This means judgment or reason, and could be contrasted with anger, passion or chances. Knowledge is related with mind or spirit, or expresses inclination or will in one’s mind. It also indicates opinions or plans. I never knew that the concept of knowledge could be contrasted with lots of other concepts. 
       Soul, is animating element of human body. Would the soul always exist? The life force of all the stars would always shimmer on the filament. My soul within myself…Muse on the soul. Purify my mind in peace, and my mind would grow in rational thought. 
       Eloquence and speech is related with one’s fame. Rational thinking and philosophy is the core. With confidence, I would practice speaking well and writing well. 
       In the early morning, pinkish sunrays flushed in clear blue sky. A frosty star was flickering in cold sky over a summit. The wind purred among points of firs and pines. At the blink of night and day, crimson rays glowed in clouds. Birds were chirping and twittering. Snowflakes were crackling and icicles were clinking. Two squirrels were skipping on an oak like merry notes. 
      I wanted to play the organ, always standing silently in a corner of the attic. Music was resounding in my mind, and some music notes skipped merrily. I looked for music scores on the bookshelf. I found a short composition depicting the sound and movement of a cuckoo, and the notes suited my level. I recognized all the music notes and chords in the composition. I flew to the stool, my wings fringed with golden sunrays from the bright arched window. 
      I started a tune, and pressed my flexible fingers on the keys of the organ. The organ sounded melodious and harmonious. I played on and on, feeling cheerful. I found all the notes on the left hand, and I tried left hand. I practiced each chord on the left hand carefully, for many times. Then I tried to use both hands, playing in rhyme and melody.
      Jerome, the White Crow, was listening attentively and he knocked his wingtips in rhyme with my music. I kept on practice. Each time, I played more smoothly. For the first part, I could play the paragraph smoothly. However, in the middle part, the notes and chords on the left hand turned complex and varied. Probably the composer would have some changes in the middle part, so that the composition would sound melodious. If there is no change, then the whole composition would sound dull. I focused on the complex notes, and repeated for twenty times. For a moment, my mind was a blank, and I could not remember the notes. Playing organ requires flexibility and patience. I strived on. This time I practiced with only left hand. Then I added the right hand notes. 
       My tutor told me that if I cannot play a whole song with both hands, it proves that the melodies of single hands were not fluent enough, although I took it for granted that I am fluent. It shows my single hands require more practice.
       It was 7 o’clock, and I was repeating the melodies with left hand. Then I grew bored after many times of repetition, and I had a rest. Jerome handed me some icor and I sipped the energetic drink. 
       “You can play the organ? White Crow inquired me in amazement. You are not a beginner. You have talent and interest in music. Melody and rhythm flows from you smoothly. You have sense for melody and rhythm. And your finger is flexible. The shape of your hands is correct.”
       “I learnt playing organ with my nurse, Fairy Finette. She is a melody fairy, and perfect in music.”
       Jerome nodded. 
      “Wonderful. I will communicate with you on further finger skills, so that you will improve fast. You learned music from listening and imitation?”
        I nodded.
       “Now we will add music scale practice and finger flexibility practice for one hour each day. It seems boring, but it would form basis for your practice.”
       I nodded, but I grumbled in my mind. One hour. Too long, what if I turn impatient? Playing organ is so monotonous. However, I would restrict my will and foster my determination. Most of my wishes would be granted, but not all my demands could be satisfied. Besides, I heard Jerome is benign and erudite. Young Jerome is knowledgeable and his reputation is pure. Unlike Centaur, the tutor of my brother. Centaur is imaginative and wise, knowing knowledge of all the constellations and creatures. However, sometimes he let free his imagination too much. He drank too much wine and sometimes he turns bad tempered. 
       I am fledged, and I am encouraged to make decisions all on my own. I have chosen my tutor and I would respect him. I shall never grow impatient whenever I practice organ. Some boys grew impatient and loose temper on Centaur while playing lyre. This was typically wrong. If they do not like playing lyre, they would herd all the white heifers in a cave.
      I always want to stay in the attic with White Crow and read plenty of books. Even if practicing organ was boring, I shall learn endurance, because endurance is virtue. 
      Jerome observed me and he read my mind. He patted me on my shoulder and encouraged me: “You are talented in music and I believe you can endure the time for practice. I will always try to make our course interesting. And I know you are always a good child. I will treat you well, be considerate and nourish you with knowledge. I will not be harsh on you. Relax while playing organ or reading.”
      In the afternoon, I learned some new notes in G major and F major. I practiced some chords and coordination of both hands. A merry tune.

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