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Chapter 2 By a creek

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 In the early morning, I woke up in warm sunrays. Fresh air dipped in clear sky. Ivies turned tender green, and morning glories were blooming on the vines.I yawned and stretched myself. Then I dressed in a downy pinkish cashmere gown. Of course, two holes were poked to stick out my wings.

       I rose from puffy feathers, and rubbed off stiff hays. It felt chilly and cold. Morning air blew in the tree hole, from an arched wooden framed window with flax linings. I lifted a tin pail and opened a small arched door. Then I rose in bright sky. 

      On the remote globe, bright rays were radiating from a summit. Clear air dipped in blue tones. At higher tiers, the blue tones deepened.A brook was flowing from a summit. I flapped my wings and flew to the water source. Snow water was streaming from cragged rocks. Water gathered in a pool. Hard, angular boulders stood in a ring, and soft reeds rustled in the breeze. Clear water was flowing in the pool, over smooth cobbles and pebbles. 

       I rinsed my mouth with clear dews and a twig. Then I washed my face with icy water.

       Sunrays were fringing my whitish, feathery wing tips. I tapped my thick sandy fringe and preened my smooth sandy hair. A plump, fairy contour loomed into view. A plump, ruddy face. My eyes were twinkling and merry. A delicate nymph with fairy temperance! Nourish my mind with extensive reading. And cultivate my temperance by virtue. I smoothed my pinkish gown. My mauve cape was draped and flowing. My wings stuck out and spread in warm sunrays.

        A great willow tree stood by the creek. A foot bridge arched over a broad stream, while a broad path wind round a hill and extended to a broad patch of land. I hovered over the glades. Acorns were rattling in the breeze. I started a tune, creating a merry melody. I fluttered over tree tops, and rambled in the woods. Morning glories blossomed in clusters. Tiny bright flowers spangled among thick clumps. 

        A mystical bird called: Sol!

        I hummed a reply.

        A wild fawn trotted to the creek and nibbled some tender shoots. Then it stood looking at me with its large, soft, clear eyes. Some fawn color remained on its coat. It had thick fur and antlers sprouted in the front. The deer trotted to a grove nearby. A breeze picked up, chilly and refreshing. 

       I fetched a pail of clear water and drank plenty of sweet, icy water. I picked some chestnuts for breakfast, and flew outside in fine weather. I looked for a willow and perched on it. I picked some pliable branches and weaved them in a large wicker basket. Holding my wicker basket, I picked some olives, walnuts and acorns. Then I picked some soft feathers and small twigs, as lining in my tree hole.

      I lifted another pail of water and flew back to my Tree Dorm. Yesterday I slept in my dorm in a big tree. Probably some winged creatures migrated and left their hole in the woods. It was clean, lined with feathers, twigs and withered leaves. There was a small arched window and a small arched door. The floor was paved with wood.

      I wiped dust off the floor and cleaned the small tree hole in an instant. Then I found some feathers and twigs and lined the wooden floor thickly. I flew to a grassy slope and lined my bed with some hay. 

      The next dusk, when golden sunrays glowed in my tree hole, I did my prayers. I prayed in tranquility, grateful for all the blessings. And I would always cherish everything I possess. Ever since I was born, I had a pair of wings. Blessed by North Wind, the Muses and shining angels, I am a gifted child. My tutor illuminated my innocent mind with knowledge. My brother and sister bring me happiness, and my parents grant me with confidence. 

      Now I live on my own. I will have lots of friends. Now I have a tree hole and some food for supper. I had walnuts, almonds and chestnuts. And there were some golden honey combs left over. I cherished all the food I had. Nature bestowed me with food and I must cherish every morsel.

      Now I took out some acorns from my wicker basket, and washed them with clear water in the pail. I ate the acorns and honey combs contently. 

      A simple, joyous life.

      In the warm afternoon, I scampered about on my playground. Two firm rattans swung from a big tree, and I connected a wooden board between the rattans. Now I made a swing and I swung contently in midair.

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