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Chapter 6 Amir

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I hovered over treetops and wandered in a glade. Flicker among sprouts and curling tender leaves. Shimmer on the waves. Flutter among the greeneries, and spread my fluffy wings. Glide through the strawberry shrubs. The air smells balmy, the fragrance of honey, blooms and berries drifting. Glide among purple violets and feast my eyes with bright orange blossoms, creamy butterflies and purple morning glories.

I spread my wings and sailed in clear blue sky. Pearly clouds edged the skyrim, and rosy puffy clouds waved among snowy mountaintops. A frosty star was shimmering on the filament. Mauve dawn rays blended with warm orange from a summit.

I soared in the glade, hovering a merry tune. I breathed and landed on a bough of a big oak. Sun my fluffy wings among interwaving twigs, green sprouts and flickering sunrays.

I joined dawn chorus of the birds, singing together with them. A skylark started a tune in G major, and an olive warbler led the song. A robin sang in high pitched tone, and some trushes created varied tones. Some thrushes echoed in tenor. I enjoyed the melody, my mind in joy, harmony and content. I accompanied the songs with my lyre, practising as a beginner.

Flutter in the air and glide in the wind. Whirl among snowy rocks, chill and fresh wind was blowing. From a swirling thick cloud, whirl among dark green treetops and swoop down at the sight of a sunny slope among hilltops.

I breathed and swung along an evergreen ivy and fluttered through the bright pink glass window. Crouch on a soft cloud couch. Drift in midair in my study.

The arched window was kept open, allowing fresh air. Let me in. I gazed at the sky rim outside. The sun was glowing brightly in soft orange hues, then faded into cold purple rays. I perched on the wooden floor of my study. I chewed several ivy leaves and placed a five pointed ivy leaf on the writing desk.

A cabinet stood in a corner of my study, displayed with all my collections from nature: A conch, glittering seashells, a lyre, some olive branches and some fresh mud cakes. Several bookshelves towered to the ceiling.

I flipped open a music score of the Muses. Muse on cosmos.

The greatest bookshelf stood at a dark corner in my study, towering to the ceiling. All kinds of books were placed on nine shelves, and my manuscripts were in the three rows of cabinets at the bottom. The oak bookshelf looked firm and spacious. I flitted up the ceiling and picked an English book and a music book on verses. I hummed the verses. The second elm bookshelf looked slightly lower and narrower. I found out a chess board game book and learnt about basics of playing chess. The third chestnut bookshelf looked the smallest, and I painted it in cozy pink with my brother.

I flipped open a book on chess. This was the second book I ever read about chess. I wanted to exercise my logical thinking. I read the first chess book but I did not understand the knowledge points very well. I could not play chess with my brother. Now I read a new book again. When I put a white chess piece on a point on the board, it is a star in the sky, or a soldier on a battle field. It is alive, breathing four times and always seeking roads for more land.

I smiled and at the moment, Gene’ contour appeared at my door, a plump boy with ruddy face. Healthy red flushed on his face. His eyes were gleaming with vigor. Thick hair shot upward like sun disk. Now he unfastened his broach on his broad shoulder, and his short cape fell loose and adrift over his plump body.

“Hey, Sol! In the morning I heard a lyre bird singing…the racketing of the notes you practiced each day! I covered my ears but the notes went on and on!”

I quarreled with Gene, and we were racketing: “The sound of your bone flute would only withdraw a beast or lull a monster to sleep…”

“My sound of flute would enchant beautiful nymphs! They would spring up at the sound of my flute…”

I chuckled and I sprang up.

Someday I will become a champion. Exclaimed Gene.

Of course. I smiled.

"Our Spring Carnival is approaching. Parades, feasts, all kinds of food, music, and performance..."

“I have already read about this on Interstellar News. The first printing press on the earth published news on the first newspapers.”

“We will have a fast, then we will enjoy a carnival! We will eat all kinds of food: Cod, salmon, herring, mutton pies, pork stew, and fruit cakes…”

“I wonder why we must have a fasting before we have a carnival!”

“I have no idea, but Centaur said even if eleves and nymphs, the minor gods, would have to abide by human customs on the Mirror Planet!”

“On diet. I will be slim. And you will be less naughty. Anyhow, on the day of Carnival, we will laugh heartily and tell jokes.”

    “The concert! If the stars could sing… I hoorayed, my mind at ease. Your tune...”

As we chatted, Gene kicked the hum of my crimson gown behind. Then his goat leather boots thudded on the wooden floor. We quarrelled again, but then reconciled in a moment.

    From the third floor, we viewed the attic above. Sunlight was glowing from the attic. Rita was in her cradle. Of course, two holes were poked beneath her cradle, to poke out a pair of wing tips. Rita looked innocent and cheerful, sleeping soundly.

All the birds were chorusing in the woods. Amir woke up and felt delighted, on hearing the sound of birds. Fairy Finette was tending the child, humming a melodious tune. Rocking and rocking, the child smiled, her eyes shimmering, and rosy color rising to her plump, fairy cheeks. She pursed her tender, pink lips and uttered Morning! to both of us.

We smiled.

We flew to the attic. Several apples were laden on a low shelf, sending out fragrance. There was a small pinewood bookshelf and lots of toys in the room. A large bed lined with wool.

Fairy Finette was in her room, weaving cloud cloth, flax cloth and wool with a loom. Her shuffle was running to and fro in the air. I took her golden comb and combed the new wisps of colorful cloud cloth.

The child got up and brushed her glittering white little teeth with a new toothpaste in a cloud basin. I knew it was a toothpaste made of gritted seashells, stone cramps and mint. The child dressed in a pinkish cloud and wool gown, and combed her thick hair and little wings.

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