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Chapter 7 A winged ball

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I want to fly outside! Gene and Amir!

Here we are! We chorused.

Gene bounced up and glided with his winged shoes. Amir tried her wings and fluttered from a window in the breeze. I stood on the window sill and flapped my fluffy wings. We sailed in the morning sky.

Amir was playing outside, practicing flying. And her nurse was probably outside, accompanying her. Jerome said physical exercise was the most important task for Solar children.

When I was three, I often flew outside together with Jerome. And the first time I practiced flying, I was frightened. Jerome said I must leap up and fly up, never falling down the high tree trunk! Anyhow, I was blessed by Boreas ever since birth and I had a pair of wings sprouting from my back! I stood up on a firm bough, and I was fearful of the height. After three days, I finally took the first step.

Now I saw Amir flying outside. At birth, Boreas blew in and blessed the baby. As Amir grew up, a pair of tiny wings sprouted from her shoulders. Amir felt delighted and amazed and tried her wings. Now Amir is aged six, and she has a pair of fluffy wings. Each morning, she would practice flying. Now I could see a pair of fluffy wings flickering among thick green branches of the trees. And I heard the laughter of Amir and Centaur.

In a moment, Amir dashed in through the window. The nurse was sprinting to the first floor.

Amir fluttered through the window to the living room. She was gurgling merrily. Ruddy color rose onto her plump, fairy face. Her crystal eyes were shimmering in happiness. She was wearing a crimson blouse.

Gene was talking with his tutor, Centaur. Last night, Centaur shared wine with all his companions in a cave, and the air smelled of wine.

Amir flew to him, flapping her wings covered firmly and thickly with white plumage. Each day, the child would practice flying. A little but determined child. Amir was chuckling, Centaur following her, panting and sweating.

All Solar children shall do morning exercises each day! This is the most important task in a day!

Then Centaur sank into his chair.

We picked some beechnuts, some walnuts and flew into Gene’s room. A bow and arrow hang slanting against the wall. A bone flute was placed in the corner. Gene had a large bookshelf and he read some books on sports and space.

I browsed Gene’ s bookshelf. Gene is gifted in geometry. Gene wanted to explore the space. There was a music score for blowing bone flute. A book on magic and a book for shooting arrows. In his cabinet, there were a pair of snakes he had strangled with great power, even when he was a baby.

On another bookshelf, I found a book: Interstellar travel: Exploring space. I flipped the pages.

Would this be your future task?

That would be dreamy. Said Gene. I am just reading astronomy books.

We ran downstairs in the living room. Sun was reading Interstellar News quietly in the living room. On seeing Pa, we nestled him, and kissed him. He held us in his embrace, each one in one hand.

“What’s on the news, Pa?”

“A new planet is discovered in Mirror Milky Way Galaxy! It is on a small spiral, extended from a dense central disc compacted with multiple trillions of stars. The new planet is evolving in 26 hours a day, covered densely with green and orange vegetation, and teeming with life.”

I bounced up.

Gene said, “I want to be an astronaut, and study in a Globular Cluster Academy.”

“I want to travel around the planet with all my companions. Probably, someday I will also have a space tour in our Mirror Milky Way! I want to explore a new galaxy and a new planet, all on myself!”

Pa was beaming.

Rita fluttered through the window to the living room. She was humming a tune. Ruddy color rose onto her plump, fairy face. Her curving eyes were shimmering cheerfully. She was wearing a crimson blouse.

Now Finette walked in.

Full of vitality, full of life!

Amir ran into Sun’s embrace. 

Sun sat by a long table and we all sat around him. Cora put a large bottle of iror on the table. And Finettte put some rock cakes on the table. We had simple breakfast. Amir was playing about the whole room, looking here and there in curiosity.

Our Sun dial pointed at six.

Sun bounced up. Now time is up!

I will drive the winged buggy!

Sun glided on his winged shoes, and reached the stable. From a distance, the shadows of winged horses and father’s contour loomed into view. Sun was feeding the horses and not even a servant was hired for this job. No one was allowed to approach the stable, even his own son or daughter. Gene was spanked severely when he was three, on the day he wished to drive the buggy and roam at sky rim.

  In the afternoon, Gene, Amir and I played outside. Gene brought a winged ball, and we played with it cheerfully, flying about in the glade among the canopy, strenghening our wingbones. The winged ball had ideas and would fly wherever it wanted. We chased the ball and snatched the ball. Rings of laughter resounded in the glade. Several squirrels leaped across trees, balancing with their tails. The active squirrels joined us and held the ball with their paws. The mole observed for a moment, then ran about throwing the ball in midair.

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