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Drifting Times along a stream 2020-11-21
At the end of a spring, rafting along a stream The old sculler was stood at the tip of the raft, the rippling times As if I was rafting from the chaotic cities to the peace of the past. No sound in the water, and the mountains stood firmly around. Looking back, the mountains we ...
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A noon slumber in a forest park 2020-11-21
One summer noon in a vast and breezing forest  I was wearied from wandering and had a rest  And slide into a slumber, it sounded so soothing  Reclining there a most curious dream  I dreamt settling in the forest  At the core all about fairyland  An ...
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Blind-Square 2020-11-21
-----This passage was written long, long ago, several years ago. I nearly forgot what I have written down. I found it from a folder of my computer today. I shall read it again and see what I have written down. Put it in my English journal.  If I am in the habit of recording my ...
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Drift on the sea 2020-11-20
Once upon a time, there were two brothers. One day, they were playing at seaside. The weather was fine. The boys made a raft and drifted downstream along seawater. At dusk, they drifted onto an island. Fragrant blooms flourished on the island, and birds were chirping. Mellow sunlight streamed ...
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A spongy girl and watermelon insect 2020-11-15
While playing in the open air in our community on a summer day, a spongy girl was stood beside the square. She is  a plump girl with fairy complexion and rosy cheeks. She has thick, loose bangs over her forehead and a loose plait at her back. Her eyes were twinkling and she was musing. She o ...
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An extraordinary day 2020-11-14
This morning I left home at ten thirty am. I took a bus from Best Town and reached Caicai's apartment. I brought some green vegetables in a plastic, and a dough. I fermented a dough in the early morning.  Caicai made two big buns with the dough and steamed the buns. Then she boiled t ...
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A rainy day 2020-11-13
   I took a bus and reached downtown at nine o'clock this morning. It was cloudy. I viewed second-hand books in the    market.     I took the fast metro train and returned to Tanggu at one o'clock. It took me one hour to reach Tanggu. I had mutto ...
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Children fed by snacks 2020-11-13
     Phd in medicine stated that the snacks contain lots of additives, and would hinder the growth of children or do great harm to the small body. So the guardians must control the amount of snack children consume. Last month, when I took a walk in the community, ...
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Children's health 2020-11-13
    Potato chips, crisp, chew.    Chocolate biscuits, a sweet tart.    Five bags of instant noodles, in preparation. Take it home and no trivial chores. The child has something to eat, and the guardians would continue to play cell phone games, engag ...
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To outstrip of authority

A Greek boy 2020-11-12
In ancient Greece, some poor families abandoned some weak babies to the mountains, as they had no money or food to keep the child and raise him up. If the infant grew up in a mountain, adopted by a shepherd or hunter, he learnt to hunt at an early age. Boys or girls left home at the age o ...
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A busy day 2020-11-12
In the early morning I noticed that my schoolbag has turned dusty. I soaked it in a large basin. Then I was worried that there was no place for plenty of drawing paper. And the kitchen floor was muddy too. I removed the kitchen rubbish bins under the window. Then I moved the refrigerator. ...
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Milky Way 2020-11-12
Queen Hera is the wife of Zeus. One day, she wanted to travel on the earth. She transformed into a woman. She wore a gown and a travel cloak.  Several days ago, an infant was abandoned on a mountain. The infant was strong. He was abandoned, probably because his parents could no longe ...
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Europe and a bison 2020-11-12
        One day, Europe was playing on a lawn. She was a beautiful girl, with golden hair, and rosy cheeks. She was wearing a veil robe and her hair was flowing. She played on the grass, plucking flowers and making a garland for herself. Zeus saw her in heaven. He fell in love ...
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The story of golden fleece 2020-11-12
        In ancient Greece, there were two boys. A King adopted the brothers, but the queen was jealousy of the children. She always wanted to get rid of them. So she plotted to kill the boys during a ceremony. The King, their father, gave them a present. It was a golden ram, bes ...
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Sun god and his chariot 2020-11-12
Sun god always drove a chariot. The chariot was made of gold, with jewels set at the front. The four winged horses were fiery and hot tempered. Everyday, Sun fed the horses with magical herbs, hay and oats, to strengthen their wings.  A child was born in the west, and he was alway ...
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Hope fairies 2020-11-11
        The gods made a marble statue together on Olympus. They made a beautiful statue, a beautiful woman. The carved woman had curly golden hair, watery eyes, wore a beautiful robe and a garland, and was gilded with gold.         The gods named the marble ...
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Body parts vocabulary 2020-11-11
Eyes, eyebrows, Lin Daiyu was tracing her eyebrows. Nose, nostril, cheeks, ears, eardrops, skin, complexion, fairy complexion, sensitive, pupils, eyelid, eyelashes, wrinkle, hair, curly hair, straight hair, dye hair, lips, lipstick, mouth, teeth, tooth, tooth fairy, a decayed tooth, the flesh bes ...
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Fried shrimps 2020-07-26
I bought some fresh small shrimps from Best Town. They are bigger than dried shrimps but much smaller than full sized shrimps. Many of them were alive and the flesh looked transparent. Twenty five Yuan a jin. I bought a portion of shrimps at the price of 20 Yuan. I took more than half ...
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Chapter 39 A mellow watermelon 2020-07-20
The next day Sophie waited for the editor very early at the East Gate. Here finally appeared in her vision a mature woman full of vigor and professional knowledge. Just as what was told in the phone, she was in a brown dress, her hair very long and holding a green folder.  Sophie ran ...
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Aurasolar 2020-5-29 18:03
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Reading renaissance history

Gothic style, is medieval architecture style, with pointed arches and high walls...
  • Read a book on early education Based Montessori's theory, babies aged 2 are instinctively orgainzed. They would put back a bowl that is not in the right place. But why don't I do the chores each day?[ ... Reply
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