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Random Thought 7

Hot 1148 views. 2022-4-25 10:11

What I am concerned about is not the dream for the future, but the action for the moment. It makes me forget my dream while in the most effective way realizing it.


The integrity of life is threefold: the goal to be reached in mind, the action to pave the way in deeds, and the patience to feel enjoyable when thinking of the previous two.


Accept any depressed feelings as normal as they are. We cannot expect happiness like it’s forever in a day, and sadness to be forbidden as a rule. It is what we focus attention on, or what we care nothing about.


I should thank everyone who helped me and say sorry to those I didn't value. Parents will never abandon their son, but a friend will have to give up his support once you are a goner.


A man may be often entangled and helpless in life. When we say to be resigned to fate, we have actually relinquished the last fight; when we say let nature take its course, our heart has been prepared for the worst.

The most dreadful for a man to endure is that the world pays to him no attention, but the really impressive is that the man is still gifting the world his heart and soul.


We all know that only the minority can be distinguished among the rest, but if the majority don't endeavor at all, it will be too easy for the winners to enjoy success.


Beautiful things are instant, and as instant as their beauty. So we have no time to feel sorrow, but stand at the heart of spring which is the life for the moment, and exert ourselves to see, to experience and to finally possess. After that you put everything down, for next year another spring will punctually arrive.


Life is impossibly all of beauty and romance; it is also congested with solid and trivial details including moments of bother and anxiety. But as long as you grope for light in the darkness, and hold fast to the positive vision in hardship, you must have not missed any single spring.


When coming across two choices, a coin toss will always help. It is not because an assured answer is always given, but when the coin is up in the air, you suddenly know what your expectation is. And though you temporarily cannot face the answer from your heart, sooner or later it will lead you to the unavoidable direction .


There is ambition of everybody. Ambition does not play a private role for talents who would always be better and finally great, but for all with character. The definition of mediocrity is not being ordinary, but no courage to struggle.


Rather than wait for a chance, it is better to change yourself into a star silently giving out light in the sky. Maybe one day a man who has lowered his head for long will casually look up, which is the time your eyes and his will mirror each other.

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Reply rich 2022-5-10 19:40
Sounds like you believe in destiny. Yes, life could be out of control in many cases, but we, as smartest being, have the potential to change the courese of life, at least at some point.
Reply Dempsey 2022-5-11 15:53
rich: Sounds like you believe in destiny. Yes, life could be out of control in many cases, but we, as smartest being, have the potential to change the coure ...
Destiny is part of life. One can only take advantage of what he’s already had and may have, but never what is impossible for him to demand.

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