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Shares Life 3 (周国平)
Dempsey 2022-1-21 16:05
As a man who arrives in this world, he is first to be a life. Life, it could have been innocent. However, we are more and more living in complexity. For much of the time, we are not living for life itself, but for desire, ambition, identity and titles; we are not living for it but for wealth, au ...
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Shares Two Ways of Life
Dempsey 2022-1-19 18:48
There are for me two ways of life: one is to be carefree and the other ambitious. I get up at noon everyday and go for some walking in the afternoon, and in the evening watch TV series, that is how carefree I am; but when I find that there is no appreciation from others, I get up at 8 a.m. to rea ...
50 views|2 replies Hot 1
Shares Struggle
Dempsey 2022-1-11 21:40
Struggle is not the same with endeavour, which the latter is more about motivation and with less torture. When one takes the way of struggle, he takes the pain. Some people undergo endless struggle throughout their lives; it is not because they are in a wholly unkind lot, but because they ...
54 views|2 replies Hot 1
Shares First Starbucks
Dempsey 2022-1-9 20:58
Yesterday I had the first Starbucks in my life. The shop assistant was very beautiful. I asked if there w ere any drinks which didn’t contain caffeine, since I was afraid to be sleepless at night. The girl introduced a warm drink which was very dear. I said it was my first time here so I ...
74 views|4 replies Hot 2
Shares Stay Foolish
Dempsey 2022-1-7 21:48
Stay foolish. Ask no questions whatever life has put on you. All you have to do is to live it through. You are not assigned to live wonderfully, nor are you doomed to live terribly. Go on the way life has laid before you, and don't live like a real fool who defies fate. Those br ...
56 views|0 replies
Shares Happiness, Success and Confidence
Dempsey 2022-1-4 11:55
What is the relation between happiness and success? As far as I am concerned, success may bring about happiness, but a happy man doesn ’ t always have to be successful. Happiness is a state of mind, while the state of feeling successful is only part of it. Most people are not with success to a ...
69 views|0 replies
Shares The Backbone of My Grandma
Dempsey 2022-1-2 12:39
As earlyasthis morning a phone call from my grandpa hurried to me, telling urgently that my grandma had just knocked her head against a pointed angle somewhere in the house, her blood running out with abandon. I was astonished at the call, without brushing teeth and socks on my feet gi ...
81 views|4 replies Hot 2
Shares The Deity (Shi Tiesheng)
Dempsey 2022-1-1 20:44
The authentic deity is the combination of profound kindness and absolute perfection. The kindness is that as long as you go forward, he always grants you the way. In his dictionary the going and the way are explained the same, while perfection is proved by incompleteness of humans and the wishes ...
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Shares The Meaning of Life
Dempsey 2021-12-30 17:09
From the philosophical standpoint, there may be no authoritative answer to the question what the meaning of life is. A human thinker may exhaust his life pondering over it, but only taking a limited glimpse as the moment he dies. There is the most popular answer convincing the masses, that is the ...
78 views|4 replies Hot 2
Shares Stress
Dempsey 2021-12-29 11:54
I should put less stress on myself. I am already a sufferer of life; life has put its full amount of stress on me, so there is no necessity for me to put the extra amount. Life doesn ’t mean harm to me, but by drilling me it really means to make me recognize himself, to add to my wisdom by tast ...
70 views|4 replies Hot 2


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