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Shares Action
Dempsey 2022-5-12 18:59
Action speaks louder than words, and it even speaks louder than thoughts. I am a person who lives close to a solitude life, and I realize that such life, as former sages may have lived, proves to be abundant in wisdom only by abundance in actual practice. Thoreau wrote in his book The Walden &nbs ...
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Shares Against Being Jobless
Dempsey 2022-5-12 16:45
I have been out of societyfor a number ofyears. People who know me may have known that I am a jobless person. To be jobless, I am not a person who treats the only objective of working as money or self-support. I find that I still have to work, though the three meals are provided for me ...
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Shares Water Bottles
Dempsey 2022-5-11 15:58
When I got home, I found there were five bottles of boiled water placed on my study room desk, the bottles once thrown about after I drank up the purified water inside. My mother is keen on calculating things. She buys plenty of bottled water at half price, but only allows me to have them ...
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Shares Random Thoughts 8
Dempsey 2022-4-30 14:46
A depression sufferer may have a dull figure, because he is always having contemplation in brain. Once a subject of problem is tackled, he will raise his head and watch in straight direction, as if he would never be depressed any more. But when another subject follows up, he becomes a dull sage a ...
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Shares Random Thought 7
Dempsey 2022-4-25 10:11
What I am concerned about is not the dream for the future, but the action for the moment. It makes me forget my dream while in the most effective way realizing it. The integrity of life is threefold: the goal to be reached in mind, the action to pave the way in deeds, and the p ...
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Shares Realization
Dempsey 2022-4-11 18:35
So many people honestly say that they envy me for my being jobless. They say I do not need to be busy and tired and sacrifice time for money. But I am far less happy than them, whose reason I first believe is that they have salary and society, which I do not have just like privilege. I used not to ...
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Shares Random Thought 6
Dempsey 2022-4-11 16:54
The good or bad fortune is only part of one’s life, and the more important is the mind to make the right choice, which is the ability to tell the true and false, to choose the effect provided by the desirable environment under which the actions are taken, thus is to be the most satisfactory way ...
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Shares Of Late
Dempsey 2022-4-8 20:34
Of late I often feel that in the journey of life, the hardship is not at the start but halfway where I come with obscurity, and will rather go into far distance. To count carefully the past moments and look back at my past self, there has really been so much change. We all seem to be polished by t ...
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Shares Random Thoughts 5
Dempsey 2022-3-15 22:12
If God had made its presence, in person but only tell ing you that however you strive with might and main, you will end up in stagnation—then what will you do? I would say to sail against the current, I have to push on not to quit; if I don’t strive I will go further and fare worse. ...
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Shares Random Thoughts 4
Dempsey 2022-3-5 12:26
For a surplus of passion, the reflection loses method, and for that of calmness it is hardly vivid. Reflection of desirable quality is like a flowing river, neither surging in waves nor as placid water. The choice between health and happiness is virtually a paradox, that people ...
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