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Shares Sleeping for a Whole Day
2021-12-7 18:40
Today is the umpteenth time for me to sleep for a whole day from last night, due to the depression I am affected with. I hate this habit, but I can' t quit because I am addicted to the dreams in sleep which I feel better than the vacuous real life. What can I do if I am awake? I have no friends ...
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Shares Patience
2021-11-30 16:48
Lately I ’ ve been troubled by the mindset that there has to be a long-range project for the later of my life. This project may by a steady pace be accomplished in ten years when I am at the age of forty, but apparently easier thought than done. M ore haste is less speed. ...
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Shares Life Is not Doomed
2021-11-28 17:05
There was an eminent fortune-teller who told me a principle: Destiny cannot be changed, but we can change our fortunes. This saying has lead to my perspective on life. I have searched on the Internet that the bipolar disorder I am affected with is a life-long disease and improb ...
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Shares Life (2)
2021-11-27 18:31
Love for life is the foundation of happiness, sympathy for life the foundation of morality, and reverence that of faith. The meaning of life, in the worldly level being happiness, in the society level being ethics, and in the transcendental level being faith, are all determined on the atti ...
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Shares Random Thoughts
2021-11-26 13:32
Everyone is affected with vanity, which is made use of by successful people, and slave the people of failure. So the attitude towards vanity should not be escape, but taking advantage of it. There is no one in the world who stands by you closer than an intimate relative. When the ...
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Shares Two Sentiments Towards Death
2021-11-25 17:49
There are two sentiments I would mention towards death: the sentiment of fear and that of sympathy. The fear is for oneself, and the sympathy for whoever has died, being respectively fragile and virtuous. The fear for death makes death near, by association with sufferings that could ...
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Shares The Nobility of Reading
2021-11-24 11:54
Nothing in history has exceeded reading in the aspect of being noble. Those who make fortunes are held in awe, but only those reading extensively are revered. In either entertainment or cultivation of humans, reading has the irreplaceable function to bring up the sentiments and wisdom. Any of the ...
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Shares The Experience of Life
2021-11-23 20:24
I was once put into a question about whether or not I have adequate amount of social experience, whose answer I would rather shun. Society is like a huge stage, where people are playing to grow in value which is called “ maturity ” . However, I am not chastened to gather too little ...
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Shares The Importance of a Job
2021-11-22 20:25
More than a single person has said to me, “ How I envy you for not having to work! ” But suppose they are the same with me, will they sustain the equivalent agony as mine, since a job is the basis of one ’ s livelihood and social contact, of being natural in matter and mind? ...
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Shares Change the Destiny
2021-11-20 15:55
I have never fallen in love with a girl, so I have nothing; I have never excelled in a certain subject, so I am no good. Every time I think of this, I almost feel like dying. But when I think of the lines in The New King of Comedy that “whatever it is, you should never give up,”I set my te ...
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