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Shares Dare to Write Again
2021-4-16 13:43
It has been a serious damage to my heart since my grandfather together with all my family view unfavorably my ability and promise of writing English. For so long a time I didn’t feel like writing any more, owing to the horrible reality that I was so desperately incapable, and my illness is also g ...
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Shares The Ugly Dancer
2021-4-12 14:12
Lately I haven't seen that ugly lady crazy on the dancing machine. She had carried on practising, as I guess, to be an excellent dancer. I feel as if she could succeed, however impossible I feel as well. I think the hardship for her was more than a sparrow to the phoenix. She, when I ...
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Shares 钟 The Clock
2021-4-8 21:28
一百年前,我很孤独 Time lengthy, I was lonely 一百年以后 And now on 我依然孤独 I carry the same 孤独像时钟的指针一样 Like the clock sticks in seconds 反复不得以回转 In circles and no other way 我想走到 How I try to go 人生时钟的背面去 Round to th ...
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Shares Three of the Girls I Loved
2021-4-1 15:20
(1) One of the girls was a nurse. She was a real beauty. As I calculate, before time for me to love her at first sight, there had been loads of cow dung piled at her front. I was then bashful, and always feeling delighted to be at her side. She told me that she once loved a policema ...
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Shares In Memory of CC
2021-3-31 19:44
She was the most beautiful girl of my relationship, though I have not been sweet onher in time. Friends together that day on the funeral in all probability wept except me. Whoever is dead, I never cry. But when I am far from a death and think of it, I would have tears. I don't k ...
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Shares In Memory of Mr He
2021-3-30 16:05
Not long ago my several classmates and I went to Mr He's funeral. Mr He was our middle school teacher who taught maths, and who was in charge of ourwhole class.He died of heart attackwhen it was all too early for him.When we got there, his wife was crying painfully, so one ...
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Shares My English Teacher
2021-3-28 20:20
I would still call her "Miss"after ninety-nine years. She is beautiful and warm. That is the reason of her youth. Everyone knows it, much less toadmit. I reckon that she doesn't have as much memory about me as before, because she has decreasing share for each student out o ...
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Shares My Cousin
2021-3-27 16:28
My younger male cousin has walked into the most famous middle school in Beijing. Yesterday his mother sent me a page in WeChat with a sketch, a photo and an audio recitation. In it my cousin says he favors Emily Dickinson, the one of whose poems he regards as a beautiful piece and recites. &nbs ...
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Shares Recent Days
2021-3-25 22:27
Recently I ’ ve been told that I should command myself to do things, when I feel forced by my own mental problem not to do them. I feel desperately difficult to actualize that, because I am too stubborn with it that the difficulties can be solved in a surprising moment. A friend told me that E ...
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Shares My Little Niece
2021-3-19 21:22
As early as she was just born, my elder male cousin had been voicing in his WeChat Moments that “I have a Princess, she is fine.” He also attached a photo. I knew he could never feel too good to be a father. If I am to give her, my little niece, an English name, I think it would be ...
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