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Some confuses about English learning

94 views. 2024-6-4 16:22 |Individual Classification:daily journal

I insist the truth that time not equal success. Before you start learning, you should know the right methods. But what confuse me is that so many experts import their experience to you and some of them are contradicted. You must try these ways and find which one is suitable for you. I think the best way to improve writing skill is to write every day. Although many advanced vocabularies and complex grammars I fail to use, I still can write from simple words and sentences. And the best way for me to improve speaking skill is to imitate the actors on TV shows or movies. And for reading, I think it is basement for all beginners. Only you have inputed many things can you output things. Maybe the most difficult is listening. Because when I was children, I hate this test. And the more you feel frustrated, the more you disgusted. Finally, I stuck in a negative cycle. 

In short, English should be treated as a language but not a class. It shouldn't be complex and difficult. It should be easy and funny. We should use this language to contact more amazing people and opinions but not be stocked in vocabulary and grammar. 

GPT's polish:


I firmly believe that time alone does not guarantee success. Before embarking on the journey of learning, it's crucial to understand the right methods. What perplexes me is the plethora of advice from various experts, some of which are contradictory. It's essential to experiment with these approaches and discover which one works best for you.

In my opinion, the most effective way to enhance writing skills is to practice daily. Despite my current struggle with advanced vocabulary and complex grammar, I can still articulate my thoughts using simple words and sentences. For improving speaking skills, I find that imitating actors from TV shows or movies is particularly beneficial. As for reading, I consider it the cornerstone for all beginners. Only by consuming a vast amount of content can you effectively produce your own.

Listening might be the most challenging skill to master. As a child, I detested listening tests. The more frustrated I became, the more aversion I felt, eventually trapping me in a negative cycle.

In summary, English should be approached as a living language rather than a mere subject. It should be engaging and enjoyable, not complex and daunting. We should leverage this language to connect with fascinating people and diverse perspectives, rather than getting bogged down by vocabulary and grammar"

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