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Shares Why we need our own houses~
2012-11-24 09:47
I am a college student living in the dormitory of the school, sharing a room with another guy. My roommate used to stay up late in the night, usually 1 o’clock in the morning and even 3 o’clock sometimes. I want to go to bed before mid-night, so there comes to our problem. Every night, whe ...
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Shares two months left~
2012-11-4 17:04
Irealizethat the last blog I wrote here is the new year's day of 2010, when I was just starting my life as a master student. With time flies, this is already the second year for me as a Ph.D candidate. It seems that I forget the DioEnglish when getting busy, but I know that's an excuse. ...
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Shares Write at the beginning of 2010!
2010-1-1 19:22
Seeing all my friends updating their blogs at the begining of the new year, I also want to write something in memoryof the special moment. It happened a lot during 2009, the most important was that I graduated from Jilin University and began my new ...
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Shares Need your help!
2009-12-25 22:13
My dear friends, I really need your help! There’s an application form for me to filled in, something like an English resume . And in the “open question area” of the form, it is described as follows : “What was the top one ...
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Shares H1N1 flu vaccine made me sensitive!
2009-11-8 21:56
On November 5th, we had inoculation against H1N1 flu. Before that, I was told the H1N1 flu vaccine may have side-effect on somebody. And after having the inoculation, I found it dohave side-effect, not physically but spiritually. & ...
1155 views|28 replies
Shares Big snow in Beijing!
2009-11-1 16:49
This morning,when Iwoke up, a white world came into my sight.At the begining,I just can't believe that it's snowing in Beijing,because I thought the snow should come much later here. Though staying in Changchun for four years and the snow is familiar to me, I s ...
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Shares There's a quarrel.
2009-10-23 21:40
Today,when I was on duty in the lab, I witnessed an intense quarrel between my two senior sister apprentice.The senior sister said to the younger one that she shouldn't let the beaker full of liquid, or the tutor will blame her because the beakers are for public use ...
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Shares Bad weather!
2009-10-19 19:56
These days Beijing has a bad weather,very big wind. It seems that there's no autumn here,and winter comes early. I hate the windy weather ,which can blow people into the sky. Not wanting to go out ,I stay in the dormitory all day watching "Desperate Housewives". I hav ...
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Shares Back from the international non-thermal conference!
2009-10-17 19:40
The conference of 2009 Beijing international non-thermal processing technology has a complete success. As a volunteer,I learned a lot. The greatest advantage is that we volunteers can listen to the speakers for free,and without giving theeight hundred yuan regis ...
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Shares New hairstyle,new mood!
2009-10-11 20:13
Having nothing to do in the day,I decide to make a hairdressing. Together with one of my classmates,we got to the barbershop nearby our university.The barbershop has a good reputation among us because the barbers there never persuade someone to dye or perm the hair.Th ...
445 views|5 replies

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