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  • i don't know, how does it happe. just one day i found i love him. maybe it's not ture love, i only be touched. The time can prove it. Just let it go. Reply
  • i tell myself to go to offcie earlier every day. but, i have so many love things to do on the morning, and i dont want to work. Reply
  • here I am for my lovers! Reply
  • when i'm happy, the whole world is smiling, when i' feel sad, all of us are crying. But it's not true. Back from the vacation, pay attention to my work and studying. morning myself! Reply
  • waiting for myself Reply
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as an interviewer 2012-08-14
our team is hiring a AR accountant for few weeks. but until now, we still don't hunt the right person. the key reason is about candidates' engl ...
(783) Views|(5) Replies
last day of Mar.2012 2012-03-31
welcome back myself! i have forgot my password for a long time, and have no patience to find it back. but i really miss the time when i was her ...
(776) Views|(3) Replies
you are not here 2011-07-12
finally, you go away. but i still be here. i'm more sad than i think i will be. really can not understand why you choose leaving. you said, ...
(974) Views|(18) Replies
lovely animal words 2011-06-20
learned some words of animal from the little friends, keep them down, and to learn more, add some my thoughts. hippo: Let us begin with the ugli ...
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To outstrip of authority

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MRyang 2012-9-14 09:26
cabin: always something out of my control
ohoh,but you still alive,so i can guess that's noting^ ^
MRyang 2012-9-6 11:15
so how days going?
O'Bright 2012-1-3 12:51
Happy New Year uh~~
MRyang 2011-12-25 00:04
merry Xmas!
O'Bright 2011-11-11 21:07
Good evening, I want to know something about your Tibet travel, cause a friend of mine wants to go there. it's expensive to go there to travel? what is necessary to go there?
O'Bright 2011-11-10 11:54
cabin: morning, heny, i see you are always superstar in Dioenglish, xixi, congratunations!
Good noon, really, thank you~~
samscri 2011-11-10 00:45
cabin: maybe you can go to bed earlier ^_^
O'Bright 2011-11-8 08:32
cabin: 5555, what's a pity.
actually, i'm taking a drawing class on every staturday.
i think it's so interesting to draw, but there is hard time when i canno
Yes, sometimes I felt that too, it's really upset.
Cheer up, after all, it's rare not always, right? hehe.
O'Bright 2011-11-7 20:47
cabin: good night.
if there is any new drawing?
No, the space is limited.  I will do as soon as it allows me.
O'Bright 2011-11-4 22:56
Good night.
kfmouse 2011-10-23 10:51
cabin: happy to see you are still here
Not see u  here for a long time. I have been waiting for me
O'Bright 2011-10-17 08:21
Long time no see, how are you??
MRyang 2011-9-28 00:20
cabin: i have idea what should i do when i;m alone.
MRyang 2011-9-28 00:20
cabin: yeah, how about u ?
miss u guys so much!
just like so..
MRyang 2011-9-24 19:50
how tings going?
MRyang 2011-9-12 19:32
long time no see`~
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