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the function of good example

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I like to read the articals that written by YuMinHong,and i did read many of them and got much from them,for instance,in the artical that relative to the educations about children,he shared an important point with us,that was the function of setting an example to children.In the artical he said,it is important to set a good example to our children because they always tend to learn what the parents do in daily life .Yu shared his own story with us that when he was with his son or daughter,he would not work in the front of the computer because once he found his son was doing his homework ,but after he opening the computer his son stopped and played ,so he asked his son why stopped.What the answer he got was surpprising himself:why are you playing computer games while i am doing my homework? Although Yu was not yet playing computer games,his son took it for granted.So from that moment he changed a way,sitting in the sofa and handing a book,then turned over every few minutes.Oddly enough, he found it really worked.

Although i am not a father now,i konw the meaning as a father.It is what and how we do that affects the children.The function of example does not only apply to this part,but also to many other parts such as company and social communication.No matter what we do and where we are,we should take our own positive actions to lead others.This is the real meaning of what we survive in this world.


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Reply maggiemy 2010-4-18 08:20
YU is quite popular~
Reply parker 2010-4-18 10:37
maggiemy: YU is quite popular~
i think he is an example for us .

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