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Shares dream
2010-2-15 18:51
i wanna earn much much more money in this new lots of new clothes,take more happy from my new job,learn more skills i cann't get on campus,make my mom and daddy more happy,let them relax and have a good mood, another: have a new friend ,also make more and more good friends. best w ...
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Shares crazy
2010-1-31 10:46
yeaterday i went to Qipu a street for saling cloth and other title things with another 2 girls:one my classmate,one my roommate. we started at noon, before dinner timeeverythingwent normal and we all happy,talking and smiling.but unfortunately,after about 30min's bus vocation,my roommat ...
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Shares play what?
2010-1-22 10:57
i was dismissed the former job:sales which i do not like at all. it's a relief. the moment my boss said:"you seem to have no interests doing sales..."i smiled, earlier he had thought of it,just did not tell it out. anyway,my boss is a kind man,he also cannot force someone to do what we do not like ...
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Shares anger
2010-1-16 14:21
my computer always need to upgrade,the system seems to be wrong,just to one month ,it shows that you need to activate immdieately or system will be makes me boring and anger.last time i had asked the man who sold me the computer to install a definite system which does not to activate or u ...
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Shares QQ
2010-1-14 10:04
sometimes i cann't click here to see write blogs or see your comments,so join my QQ:675455616 is another way we can contact with each other,welcome my friends who want to communicate with english.also help my poor english.3Q!!! surely i will come here often,just for some accidents writ ...
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Shares good words
2010-1-11 09:28
today is very difficult, tomorrow is much more difficult, but the day after tomorrow is very beautiful. i like this's a faith. think a lot, we humen have lots of faith receptations.we push our feelings to GOD,jesus... in one word,we need to treat people kindly,honestly,fr ...
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Shares failure......
2010-1-8 17:25
just now we got salary.i do not know why i want to cry. i never think about that,i would work here for such low payment, no relation with my major, low salary,even disliked to do it. all i have leart in university is vain. i ask myself why i came here ,why i promised boss to come,why i do this j ...
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Shares good words
2010-1-8 16:15
“underheart hide is hurt; underneath hurt is love。” i forget where i'v seen these words,but i like it.even though i cann't understand the meaning fully. for facial meaning,that's sensable i suppose. one need to practice himself, do sth by yourself,by heart.whatever you do,the first ...
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Shares new day
2010-1-4 09:20
it's the third day in 2010. wou!!! i'v walked around this city one year again. "yesterday" or "last year" is a past word for all things those which havehappened or done.whatever you got,whatever you lost,whether you successed,whether you failed,just be we need to open our arms to wel ...
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Shares work in a personal company
2009-12-30 17:06
i'm working in a personal company, after these working days, i found that my responsible is little almost nothing. my job is to assist manager to translate some product files, make phocalls. my boss do not give me customers' information, do not ask me to trace customers' business.when there are som ...
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