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  • Let go-let God...this leads us to the Zen Koan "form is emptiness/emptiness is form" needless to say we live in the emptiness but recognize it is empty only because of form...My personal bel Reply
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SInging in the rain with acute bronchitis and no umbrella. 2010-04-01
I'm trying to think of something positive to say but its very difficult when it rains, rains, rains and never stops.  The American move "Singing ...
(1138) Views|(7) Replies
Culture Assimilation 2010-03-17
I am in Canada for the first time in a year and I find as a Canadian I am experiencing reverse culture shock.  I find the average Canadian has a ...
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Pictures of you and enlightenment 2010-01-27
"Ive been living so long with my pictures of you that I almost believe that their real.  I been living so long with my pictures of you that I al ...
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Are you famous? 2010-01-25
Modesty is a famous cultural Chinese character trait.  So I ask people are you famous?  They universally say no and look away.  T ...
(1315) Views|(13) Replies
rock and roll 2009-12-25
Black Sabbath is the best rock band followed by Led Zepplin ... I had a beer one night in Shanghai with Cui Tian and although he was a nice man he di ...
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leexiu2006 2013-4-14 14:33
please add me as one of your friend.
sedgehead 2013-2-21 15:09
MrVan: I don't know if you remember me but I'm in Beijing teaching English you are well...keep in touch via Dio!  Teacher Van
I'm doing well.  Still in the US but hoping to go to China in the fall.  I use gmail as sedgehead.
nieleih 2013-2-19 14:21
MrVan: Your Chinese must be very good!  I think my profile says I'm in Shanghai but I'm now in Beijing haha.  I can't read Hanzi.  I will friend you so you c
Nice to meet you. I'm Chines, but I love English so much, so we can talk in English.
MrVan 2012-4-3 22:02
Welcome to my new friends! I feel remiss in not acknowledging your requests sooner.  Please forgive me.  I trust your studies and work are going well.  If not, step back and re-evaluate what will bring you optimal happiness.  When you are happy others will want to share in it and it will grow.
samscri 2012-1-1 02:00
MrVan : Let go-let God...this leads us to the Zen Koan "form is emptiness/emptiness is form" needless to say we live in the emptiness but recognize ...I think I get what you were talking about...the connections between people(or human) and the world(or the universe)...There are two ways to recganize the world...macroscopyly and microscopyly...By the first way, we see things as alive ones or nonalive ones...That's how we seperate us from the field(the nonalive things)...By the second way, ev ... ...
catnfish 2010-12-16 08:14
MrVan: How was Tibet, Nepal...say any Great Compassion Sutras...I think the same one covers about 5 countries...its in untranslatable anacient sanscrit...I'm
Hey again, Tibet+Nepal package is absolutely amazing ,and I bet you have no idea where I am now, quite opposite from you,I'm far away from home. In Europe doing my Master now:) BTw , Wish u a very merry Christmas there. Carve lots and lots of turkeys!:p
littlegrass 2010-8-3 17:12
Happy Men's Day!
spaceone 2010-6-3 09:47
how is everything going````
spaceone 2010-6-3 09:46
long time no see
catnfish 2010-5-29 09:58
MrVan: OMG how is it possible for your phtos (avatar) to improve even more everytime:WOW
^^ Welcome back Mr Van~ How are you doing these days?~
angel216419 2010-5-16 21:24
fairy0612 2010-5-6 12:38
It seems that you and Jimbo are good friends. Is it because that you are both living far away from homeland and share the same language?
catnfish 2010-5-6 08:31
MrVan: yet another queen of babelonia pic
~Beijing's weather's been really nice lately. How's shanghai? super hot for the EXpo?
Jimbo 2010-5-6 00:28
MrVan: I paid for my apartment for June but don't think I'll be there...hows free sound
We'll probable get a hotel. I'm looking forward to seeing Shanghai!
Selinna 2010-4-30 21:06
MrVan: Thanx for the reply...check out my pics...what r ur plans for the May holiday?
Go out with my friends,visiting other friends in KunMing,May happy,friend
$:COCO元 2010-4-28 21:23
MrVan: HhHa...I will continue to try then...Enjoy your May holiday! If you r in Shanghai say Hi (that rhymes) 13817537596...
I'm not ... but I would like to see the Shanghai World Expo ... but I can not go .. I really envy you in Shanghai, also, what are you people ah?
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