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Are you famous?

743 views. 2010-1-25 07:31 |

Modesty is a famous cultural Chinese character trait.  So I ask people are you famous?  They universally say no and look away.  Then I say "but you are famous"!  Are you famous to your parents? They say "yes", of course!  Who else "my friends".  When you feed your dog or cat you are famous to them.  How about strangers, "are you famous"?  They say "no" but when you give a beggar money you are famous to him/her.  How about the community?  If you play music in public, organize charity events, are famous.  Are you famous in the world?  If your son or daughters become politicians, scientists or sports heroes you may be famous in the now you know you are famous...forget your modesty.  To make this lesson more to the point modesty will not get you promoted in a joint venture or foreign company so be famous!

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Reply ly.identity 2010-1-25 08:16
I rahter to call it "importante". Am I important? Yes, I am.
Reply Samaritan 2010-1-25 09:48
have confidence in you.
Reply minyingtao 2010-1-25 17:37
Reply demipeng 2010-1-26 14:20
you are famous
Reply MrVan 2010-1-26 15:09
Reply venus 2010-1-29 08:23
Though I haven't caught your conception of "famous", I totally agree with you on that we should not be too modest.
Reply denver 2010-1-29 16:59
Be famous maybe isn't a good thing for people, since there are very very much ugliness around the society. when I recognized a word called 'Hype'(Chinese is '炒作', you should install Windows East-Asian Language pack first if you saw it is garbled) I don't believe any famous stuff any more.
Reply sedgehead 2010-2-1 11:57
I hope I never become truly famous.  It is such a pain.  Glad to hear from you.
Reply click_lily 2010-3-5 22:26
Well, in my point of view, being famous is like being Lady Gaga and people like her who pays lotta attention on getting famous instead of acquiring one true skill. But on the contray, being too modest betrays the core value of what Chinese promotes, which is a way of showing off.
Reply Oldguypeter 2010-3-29 22:18
I agree with you.
Reply ydliu88 2010-5-30 13:54
haha,I think everyone has an ambition to be famous,which is human nature.But famous people who are the spotlight are actually rare ,It is more practical that we try our best to gain more respect from others and be considered "important" by our skills and personal charm .
Reply samscri 2011-11-11 01:13
Did you know what this article remind me?...Someone once said: Modesty is not neccessarily good for a needy man...
Reply nieleih 2013-2-19 16:45
Really, everybody is famouse among some people.

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