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Culture Assimilation

1476 views. 2010-3-17 04:19 |

I am in Canada for the first time in a year and I find as a Canadian I am experiencing reverse culture shock.  I find the average Canadian has a very easy life compared to Chinese in Shanghai in that their complaints are about the achievement of their goals whereas the Shanghai Chinese complaints are about trying to achieve their goals.  Rather than wanting a house and a car the Canadians have them but then they complain about car insurance and repairs and house heating bills and or having to pay-off their mortgage as soon as possible.  They seem to whine alot in their comfortable life while many oldstyle Shanghaianese don't have toilets.  From this perspective, I have a new appreciation for the smiles I see on the street in Shanghai.  The weather sucks, the air and water quality sucks and the standard of living is tough for many but they still smile and don't complain.  I am aware this is a Chinese cultural trait to not complain; Nevertheless, there is some authenticity in it.

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Reply Einstein 2010-3-17 09:08
Culture assimilation, interesting!
Reply fairy0612 2010-3-29 18:29
So do you like China?How about your life in China?
Reply Jimbo 2010-3-29 21:14
fairy0612: So do you like China?How about your life in China?
Yes he does! And so do I!
Reply Jimbo 2010-3-29 21:15
Reverse culture shock for sure! I went through the same thing last time I was back in the United States. Thanks for sharing man! Right on!
Reply fairy0612 2010-3-29 21:50
Jimbo: Yes he does! And so do I!
Seems you haved replied to the wrong person. But I have read all your reply.
Reply fairy0612 2010-3-29 22:05
Jimbo: Yes he does! And so do I!
oh ,I think I understand. MrVan has shared your blog.
Reply fairy0612 2010-3-29 22:06
Enjoy your life in china, MrVan
Reply catnfish 2010-3-30 13:09
on this account of getting to see both cultures, I kinda envy you:P~
however the truth is that China is yet as developed as Canada, and people here consequently haven't got there to complain about their car insurance etc..~^ ^we'll get there someday though~ha

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