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SInging in the rain with acute bronchitis and no umbrella.

726 views. 2010-4-1 13:57 |

I'm trying to think of something positive to say but its very difficult when it rains, rains, rains and never stops.  The American move "Singing in the Rain" doesn't mention the rain is a movie set and they turn off the water when the take is over.  Apologies to those currently experiencing drought.
Hope this entry helps improve your English.

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Reply judelini 2010-4-1 16:22
its raining time,good for yunnan and guizhou or some other dry places but bad for us..
Reply Sharer 2010-4-1 20:50
Take care of youself! The fact is so contradictive.
Reply catnfish 2010-4-1 21:28
reading it and I think I'd better drop a few lines.:P have got nothing very smart to say at the moment though.hmmm I think the rain itself has nothing positive or negative, so it's from the way the one looking at it.and I bet the American guy was in love so that everything around him was just "great"^ ^Let's ignite the light from our hearts~
Reply fairy0612 2010-4-1 22:24
I don't think I have understood this blog
Reply cl381924577 2010-4-16 17:22
i like raining day in summer . i feel ill frequently on rainday in spring
Reply alice2292 2010-4-22 15:49
emh... how can this entry helps improve my English?
Reply MrVan 2010-4-25 09:42
Wo bu shi dao...perhaps my 4 university degrees and being a native speaker can help you not to mention that I am a Professor and corporate trainer for 15 do you think I can improve your English...also a song English, of course!

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