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Shares Weekend Sports: Badminton
2012-2-13 13:44
After a lazy spring festival, perhaps the most annoying thing is how many weight you got during the holiday. Nowadays, as the life level has been greatly improved, the main problem has changed a lot, that is ,from surviving to keeping fit. I’m the right person who faces this trouble, and I do ...
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Shares Nightmare
2012-2-9 16:38
For a long time, I have been confused by a nightmare, I can’t get rid of it even though I have nothing to do with it now. Perhaps it’s a little ridiculous to call it nightmare for other people, but for me, it is. This morning, I woke up as usual, seemingly nothing different with o ...
Individual Classification: Essay|588 views|8 replies
Shares Keep going
2012-2-8 09:23
It's easy to start a thing but to stick it out. I'm exactly the right person described above.Always,Imake a plan to do something with a full sence of confidence,I believed I could keepthe initial enthusiasmand get to the end finally, and no doubt Iwould ben ...
Individual Classification: Essay|588 views|10 replies
Shares Damned Training
2012-2-6 15:07
Until my arriving at the company this morning, an email noticed that there’s a training for SAP in the conference room. By the way, SAP ( Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing ) is an ERP software. I really hate all kinds of trainings, it looks like a waste ...
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Shares Spring outing
2011-3-21 14:05
Last saturday,the company organized a spring outing to paly live CS. This was the first time for me to play live CS,and a soldierwasalways my dream when Iwas a child,so I looked forward to this outing. I have to say the weather for that day was really a bad thing.On th ...
Individual Classification: Essay|550 views|0 replies
Shares Andy is back
2010-12-6 16:01
So, I have been absent from DioEnglish for almost one year,really a busy year,and a lot of changes happened in the past year.And now, everything I have been chasing is barely satisfactory, so I get spare time to do what I want.Operating this english blog is not bad, so I am back.
Individual Classification: Essay|367 views|1 replies
Shares B-U-S-Y...
2010-1-25 22:57
It's going to the end for this year on the lunar calendar,get so many things to do,even don't get much time to get on-line. And I's learning something about my major,it's very important and very interesting,I have never like my job more. Wish I can finish it in two weeks,and then go home  ...
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Shares The happiest strength
2010-1-9 21:19
There are so many kinds of things to worry about,make us can't concentrate on doing what we want to do,so, the happiest strength is forgeting. If we can forget all the boresome trifles,we needn't spend so much time to think about this or that. As a fool should be a wonderful thing.
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Shares [美文赏析] Old Love
2010-1-6 20:58
What is “Old love”? I never understood it. At least, I used to. But I learned it at last, at a terrible price, a price paid in the tragedy of a Road Junction… “Hey, brat! Get in here!” That wasn’t the first time I heard that order. It was 3 years ago. Dad was a violent man. Mom lef ...
419 views|4 replies
Shares Another birthday
2010-1-4 22:40
Today is my birthday again. Why do I say "again"?God knows. Maybe I'm signing about mine having no special skill of any kind. Maybe I'm sad for the trace which islaydowned on my face by time. I hate birthday unlike other people,for it means I get a year old again. Don't w ...
337 views|11 replies

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