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Beam self-cultivation

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Taiwan, actor
Taiwan veteran actor, is now a famous director. Who won the actor. A young man is very handsome, and often starred in a number of national hero role, such as Kao Chih-hang. At present, Taiwan popular show "trump big spy" host, producer, Liang He Qun's father.
Who by virtue of the movie "cold spell" was included in the year 1979, Taiwan's 16th Golden Horse Best Actor Award, by virtue of the TV drama "House" was in 2003 at the 38th Taiwan Golden Bell Award for television drama series actor.

Actor Works

White Tower (2006 ).... Governor Liu
M can GO! (2006) .... Ishihara parent
海豚湾恋人 (2004) .... Xu Ruogu
House (2003 ).... play by virtue of the Department of the Taiwan Golden Bell Award winner
Not the same as love (1988) .... Cai Peilun
Wandering is not owned by people (1978)
Incense (1978)
Crossing Kwan Shan (1977)
Dense-phase Thring (1976)
Tiger Cliff (1976)
Jianqiao Light Brigade (1975)
My husband my son of my Father (1974) played by Xiao-Lan Li
Generation of the Queen Empress Wu (Pan Yin Tze version ).... Li Shimin

Works Director

"Good-bye, loyalty two village"
"Rice may GO"
"Do not call me foreign brides"
"The race started,"
[Edit this paragraph] martyrs
Gender: Male
National: Han
Birthplace: Hunan Anhua
Date of birth:? Year
At the expense date: February 1932 Jian-Gang characters. Nanjing, the sixth issue of the Central Military Academy graduates. After graduation, he served with 88th Division Diwuerba regiment 4th platoon leader. The spring of 1932 to participate in Battle of Shanghai. February 22, with the Japanese fighting in the family home to talk about. Command soldiers fought bravely, unfortunately, shot an enemy bullet, the heroic sacrifice

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