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Can't help to spit out.

Hot 2905 views. 2016-9-12 11:47

Last night, I was sleepless for a quite long time, but I have to say, this was not a bad night. Insomnia sometimes is not a bad thing, it helps you think out a lot.
It was the party we had last Saturday, through which I knew I had to put a second view point to look at someone.
People always say that alcohol is not a good thing, but I say, sometimes it may gives you an opportunity to make out something, which you may not so easy to figure out in normal situation.
I lived with a workmate, and happened to be in the same group. I reported to the leader, concluding summarizing everything, giving out thoughts and also designing. So sometimes the leader would wechat me, giving some instrutions and let me to orgnise his thoughts.
That was one time, I showed the message to my workmate also roommate, asking for her advice. That was a very stupid action, which I realized so late.
When I asking her how to proceed, of course she told me she had no idea, what a fool I was, I believed her. But in the next meeting, she proposed her idea, which definitely had been thought and organized before, because it was not easy to think out quickly on the spot.  She had the opportunity to prepare for it, while the other members totally had no clue.
So from then on, she successfully caught the attention of the leader. I feel nothing that time, but later I was proved to be wrong again.
In the party that night, the whole group had some drink together, of course, it was quite normal. But she chose to sit next to the leader, while later she told me that the leader asked her to sit there. I happened to wait to toast to the leader , and I found they talked a lot. Then he noticed me, saying to me,"we need to have one drink", "Yes, of course, I was waiting." Then, toasted, few words, then he turned to her again.
That night, I drank a little bit more, with my stomach feeling not good, I rested myself in the next room,  missing the last part.
Then, that thing, made me very bitterly disappointed happened. After the drinking, they wanted to go to the KTV to continue, while that time, I was already threwed up twice, feeling and looking quite sick, she was the one who lived with me, which I think should be normal for her to go home with me. Maybe I was selfish, but I thought she should go, and they would let her go, because it was already 23:00 that time, and I, her roommate, feel quite uncomfortable with ache in both stomach and head. 
But, my leader insist to let her to go to the KTV, even she said she should send me home, for one time. What a tragedy, my leader, insisted, ignoring my situation. Another workmate couldn't keep his eyes closed, he proposed to send me home. That time, my leader make his words,"see? done. you can go." Yes, what should I say. they were waiting for me to say"I can take care of mylsef, enjoy yourself."
Thanks to the alcohol that night, I realised that I was just nobody, I misplaced my position, I underestimated others' ability, I overrated the relationship between workmates, I was such a fool to totally believe in somebody.
No wonder people say not to make friends with workmates. 
And that night, I said to myself, learn from it,now that you have known who they are, just keep your eyes open later. What else can you change?
And forget all unpleasant, put yourself in the proper right position, do well your own job, keep your secret. Do yourself.

P.S. How dare you say that you care little about money if you ask your money back within 24 hours while can owe others for days until being asked to give back?
I just can't hlep to spit out, while can  not find a proper place. I am sorry if this makes any of you feel uncomfortable.

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Reply Flora.Q 2016-9-12 13:26
you should remember that your workmates are only your partners in your working place,they are not your friends. because there is benefit between you and them. please remember!!!
Reply sweetapple 2016-9-13 07:53
Friends can also be classified into my types, like ordinary friends and true friends. At workplace, we can seldom make true friends, unless we and others are in different distributes. As long as the competitive relationship exists, it's very hard to be good friends with each other.

Your roomate's behavoir is really annoying. While, just learn something from it. Though she adopts some indecent methods to win the leader's favorite, you shouldn't lose yourself, just play your feet on the ground and promote yourself with your best. Do not admire her transient success, just demonstrate what the real success is with your efforts.

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