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Shares Can't help to spit out.
2016-9-12 11:47
Last night, I was sleepless for a quite long time, but I have to say, this was not a bad night. Insomnia sometimes is not a bad thing, it helps you think out a lot. It was the party we had last Saturday, through which I knew I had to put a second view point to look at someone. People always ...
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Shares Maybe I really need someone to be settled down
2015-1-21 11:30
2015 already came, and I now become 26 years old now, but still stay single. Seeing that some of my friends, my schoolmates, my collegues and people at my age get married one by one, but I still do not know where is my Mr.Right. To be honest, I am now worried, sometimes I even thought maybe there ...
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Shares Anyone in Qingdao?
2014-8-7 14:33
Is anyone here living in Qingdao at present? I noticed that it is impossible to search for one's location in this website, so... As you can imagine, this would be an advertisement... Though I live and work in Qingdao now, I do not have much friends since I just moved here, but still I want to make ...
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Shares You WILL eventually become the one you want to be
2014-6-29 19:36
I had to admit that I forced myself to do some changes to my life, including changing a job. As to me, QD is always the best city I ever wanted to settle in, because it is not far away from my hometown, it has comfortable climate to live, and it has different kinds of seafoods ...
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Shares Feel so sorry about myself
2014-6-22 09:35
Today, I saw a published-status of my friends, who became a french teacher now, which made me feel so sorry about myself. Honestly, I envy her, for this kind of job was once one of my dreamings. I feel so much interest in learning languages, and I like english, this is the reason I ...
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Shares Foolish words from a fool
2014-6-9 21:43
A month has passed since I moved here. Actually it is quite natual to gaize a higher salary when one changes his job, but it doesn't fit me. I do not know whether it is a wisdow choice, but I don't care whether it's worthy. For me, leaving my last job is quite a happy thing to me, I do ...
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Shares so just keep sileence
2013-6-18 20:04
Feel there's too much to speak out, to talk to others, but still, cannot find my tongue, can't find some proper one to speak to, don't know how to say, where to start, eh....fine, just keep silence as usual....
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Shares Some words that I like
2013-5-12 22:31
Please believe in yourself, you will become the one you dreamed to be! Everything happened in your life could be concluded as "All will gona past!" Before lying to me, prepare that I may not forgive you! Don't say missing me when I changed! Love always comes when we don't know how to lov ...
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Shares How, should I grab this chance, to change my life?
2013-5-8 20:03
It has been almost two years since I graduated and worked here, however I felt unhappy, clearly I knew I didn't like my present job, as well as the atmosphere around me, as long as I thought of my colleague's situation, I felt like leaving here as soon as possible. But sadly, I still was here, unha ...
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Shares Still remember your dream?
2012-8-4 16:02
Hey, if I ask you "do you still remember your dream?" What comes to your mind? Yesterday, an article named "why do you live" caught my eyes when I scanned the Internet, I clicked it on, a photo of a girl with crying face first came into my sight, then th ...
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