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19th of August

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19th of August, Monday    cloudy


“Your English, either in oral or written form, is not the best of all the candidates.” Bill said to me with a smile on his face.


My hands twisted together and the right thumb couldn’t help touching the my left hand back.


“But you are steady and careful.” I struggled to squeeze a smile on hearing this. “From the second test interview, you performed well and grasped all the key points we needed. In fact, that material has been covered by our colleagues but you got the necessary points. Though you still need improving your English, you are young now and definitely able to do that.”


I responded to him with a affirm smile.


“This is the reason why I decided to give you the chance.” He continued. “Every one is fair here and thus your probation is three months and during this period the salary will be xxx.”


To be very honest, this figure, is so expected that my mind went blank for seconds and couldn’t find my voice. So high…


“Any problem?”


“No. no problem.”


“But you looked surprised just now.” Bill asked friendly.


“I misunderstood it as xxx for three months totally.”


“No, definitely no.” Bill laughed. “So, any question?”




“Then let’s make it your first working day. Are you prepared for this?”




“Hope we work well together.” Bill reached out his hands and shook hands with me.


And, this, is how my first working day began….as for other details, - -, too tired to write anymore…want to lie on the bed immediately…so…leave it at weekends…

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Reply DioScofield 2013-8-20 08:29
Congratulations! A good start is half the success.
Reply 2010jj 2013-8-20 20:38
good for you
Reply seshuanglala 2013-8-20 22:43
Oh ,well done

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