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  • My mom is visiting me in Beijing!!!!! Happy Spring Festival everyone! Give lots of love to your family and eat lots of Dumplings! Reply
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  • I just got back from America. It's good to be home! I've missed you Beijing! Reply
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Clint 2011-12-16 09:23
Hello!What up?Were are you liveing now?
Clint 2011-12-15 19:11
Jimbo: Clint!!!! How's the military treating you? I miss you buddy!
Hi Jime!I'm missing you Too!
verony 2011-5-11 21:09
jimi~ miss you so much~i am busy preparring for an exam this year and i'm really VERY BUSY every day. i have to do my homework from 18:00 to 00:00 almost every day~ i'm really dying~but i'll be free soon. soho has been closed for a long time.they give the money back to all the students. what a pity~where are you teaching now?And how's your life?
P.S. the young girl next to you is so lovely~
catnfish 2011-4-7 01:36
Jimbo: Hey Catnfish! Long time no see! Hope your lunar new year is going well!
Hey there! Yeah it's been a while, I guess you've been doing great:) Nice pic mate:)
Sonya 2011-4-2 21:16
my school is not very far from your apartment,it only takes 30 minutes by bus. I will go home on tomb-sweeping day ,and how will you spend your holiday?
shoney 2011-3-19 12:40
I come here,nice to meet you!
Jessica-90 2011-3-18 23:32
Hi Jimi! I'm a little bit nervous to write comments to you. 'Cause if I make any grammar mistakes, they will keep hanging up there. That will be embarrassing.
And here is a question, how to get the point?
Valentina 2011-3-10 15:42
Jimbo: Why would you think that?

I think it's a perfect!

People can call you Val for a nickname.
Is the feeling ,hehe
Valentina 2011-3-9 11:00
Jimbo: Why would you think that?

I think it's a perfect!

People can call you Val for a nickname.
Is  feeling,hehe
Valentina 2011-3-8 19:55
Jimbo: Well, no matter how you got it, good choice!
i  feel  that  this  name  will  make  the  other  people  have  already  grown a  misunderstanding.
Valentina 2011-3-8 19:10
Jimbo: Well, it's original. None of my students in two years of teaching have ever had that name.

Also, it is a very romantic name, is fun to say, and soun
haha,really?  i  also  accidentally   saw  the  name ,while  feeling  is  very  interseting  , so  i  used .
Valentina 2011-3-8 14:52
Jimbo: Hey Valentina!
Now that's a good English name!
Thank u  ,but  why ?
Jimbo 2011-3-7 22:20
I can't complain. Just moved to Suzhoujie. I'm very close to work now and that makes me happy. I hate taking the subway everyday. Isn't your school near my new apartment? We could have lunch some day if you're not busy?
Sonya 2011-3-7 21:09
Jimbo: Nice, I'm very proud of you! You've really got a good attitude about making your own life. I wish you the best of luck with finding a job and a health
yes,I'm good at making's your life?
Sonya 2011-3-6 08:50
Jimbo: Very good to hear from you!

I'm trying to learn Chinese but the more I learn, the more I feel I don't know. It's not the best feeling.

Are you done
As my english, I find it's hard to make progress.
Sonya 2011-3-6 08:46
Jimbo : Very good to hear from you! I'm trying to learn Chinese but the more I learn, the more I feel I don't know. It's not the best feeling. Are you done I’ll graduate next year,then I have to  go through lots of interview.I'm a little afraid of that while with more expectation.It's so shame to spend my parents' money as an adult.I can make living by myself after finding a job ,that's what I'm expecting. ...
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