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  • All my personalities got together and had a meeting. We decided we are all sane. Reply
  • I'm wondering why there are no blogs some days on this site.  Am I missing something?  Fewer people writing?  Unlikely.  Has something on the site changed? Perhaps.  Hmmmm Reply
  • 新年快乐!One of the first Chinese phrases I ever learned.  What I didn't expect?  That learning Chinese would lead to grandchildren.  My son married one of my QQ friends. 2563613199. Reply
  • I'm staying busy.  That's a good thing! Reply
  • The US news media is useless. I cut the cable (no TV) a few months ago. I tried to find news on line. It's just tabloid garbage, three networks but not real news. Perhaps that's good. No wars. Reply
  • Real NamePhil Hyatt
  • GenderMale
  • Birthday1952 - 4 - 19
  • HoroscopeAries
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Several years ago, someone suggested we write about our dreams.  Here's what I just now dreamed. The world was ending.  In the late 1900s, ...
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sys 2019-3-10 10:06
why not no messges recently ?   do hope can get the latest news and the regular routine
sys 2018-12-7 15:46
sedgehead : I have WeChat now, but I tend to avoid using it and prefer QQ.  However, even on QQ I am hard to catch because many people want to chat with.  I have  ... in this case, I quit this thought. and it is also nice to look over  your blog . there are so many friends around you , it is really lucky for you .  In my opinion , that is the reason they have the desire to talk with , is you are passionate enough to life , you love life , ... ...
sys 2018-11-27 11:26
After finishing the busy tasks I suddenly be in consious that Sedgehead  perhaps has left some message or sent a  new blog . However, when I come to this page , I 've got nothing .  
Just this moment I want to know whether you have the instant messaging , Just like Wechat in China , or others we can send the message through smart phone .
sys 2018-11-24 09:16
sedgehead: I've not been on Dioenglish for many months, but visited yesterday and posted a new blog.
Wow !!!!!! It is so big surprise for me to get your news again! especially it is a big pleasure for me to continue get to know your life in America , which is different style I want to learn .

Do hope will get your news every day . which is also  passionate to learn English for me
sedgehead 2018-11-10 12:53
I should start coming back here from time to time.  It has been a while.  I was in China for four months (Jan. to May).  Time to sleep.
sys 2017-6-13 09:21
it is a pity that I didn't get the new blog when I visited your homepage . Are you very busy now ?
loong 2015-1-5 20:39
sedgehead: Life stays busy!  I'm still around and very busy today (see new blog).  I Also write in Chinese at  Several things have happ ...
do you have facebook, if you had, you can request me: my ID.
loong 2015-1-5 12:05
sedgehead: Life stays busy!  I'm still around and very busy today (see new blog).  I Also write in Chinese at  Several things have happ ...
lastly I read your reply. It is warm at the moment of new year   Whatever we acquire. We need to respect your personal life. Everyone is busy than we imagined.
loong 2014-11-5 18:00
I see many replies here as you suddenly disappeared. Ours heart here turn to void. When will you come out for enriching ours thought  and perspectives. Without you. Without fun.
loong 2014-11-5 17:55
Long time no read your blog. This moment i review ours fantastic conversation   What a pretty dialogue. It remind me of we use an universal tongue to analysis diversity cultures. Do you still update articles. I expect to read more.
sedgehead 2014-10-14 11:07
I'm doing well.  I just mostly blog in Chinese now on  They don't want me to use Chinese here.
freefu55 2014-10-14 11:03
sedgehead: To get me to join a group, send me an invitation.  My QQ is 2563613199.  I've not been on DioE for several weeks until now.
Yeah, the invitation has already been sent. 我们非常高兴请到一位专家级的人物与群里的中国朋友进行交流。best wishes :)
COLMAN 2014-10-14 10:55
Long time no see, How are you doing now ?  
freefu55 2014-10-13 16:37
Hello my dear teacher. Hope you can join the qq group 316605926, created by me, thank you. You can communicate with us Chinese friends. Your good friend, freefu. Hope you are good, and waiting for you reply. 希望你一切很好,等待你的消息。
linda.lin 2014-7-2 18:21
Hello,I use my telephone to view your blog . I want say English until you help me .only need to communicate with me
sys 2014-7-2 10:54
You didn't appear for long time , are you always busy ? looking forward to your news .
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