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  • If you want to learn something, you should talk to a child/kid...I guess that means everyone should try to simplize their so-called chaos life caused by their sophisticated stupid thoughts. Reply
  • opinions on things, on feelings and on outlook. Reply
  • A strange guy told me much which seems right...But how it can be! Reply
  • Come back to silence Reply
  • Try to read more, baby~ Reply
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Tells about an argument I had 2010-10-17
To me, I am always believing that most arguments are meaningless, at least it’s true to me. Believe it or not, I can give you an example. &nbs ...
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Will you agree to cancel 'Death Penalty'? 2010-05-30
My presentation is divided into 3 parts . First is to talk list the important meaning of death penalty. Second is to show my now opinion on this ...
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let's imagine ~ 2010-05-16
I’m always thinking that I’m an intellectual person. That means to me, I don’t want to thinking about the impossible things, such as what I’l ...
(442) Views|(10) Replies
my 'Chaos' life 2010-05-03
My life could be used 'chaos' to discribe itself. I've been busy indeed these days. I've taken part in a contest concerning industry-creating. And m ...
(469) Views|(2) Replies
one piece of classic ad 2010-04-18
This time Fred asked us to say something about Ads. It reminds me of a classic ad recommended by Wangwei, my favourite Chinses teacher in senior high ...
(441) Views|(6) Replies

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Lifeidream 2011-2-19 02:25
how are you these days? long time no see.
Mimosa❤ 2010-11-17 20:29
I like your style~
Your photo made me feel sth like LOMO~
Lifeidream 2010-10-17 08:32
crystal727: thanks. hoping that we will be good friends~
hehe  certainly,we are friends now,Can I add your QQ number? I want to improve my english speaking by talking with my best friends.I hope that you can be one of them...
Lifeidream 2010-8-27 15:38
Come here quietly and leave my best wishes for you ...
admin 2010-3-28 15:11
crystal727: I'm here to stop by and say hello to you!
Eritha 2010-2-16 12:08
crystal727: nice to meet you~~~~
Me, too.
lumin 2010-2-8 23:14
crystal727: I just stop by and say hello to you~
Hello and happy new year^_^
sedgehead 2010-2-5 21:21
Good evening!   I just discovered where, on dioenglish, to add people who have asked to be my friend!  So I accepted your request!
Yafee 2010-2-5 16:57
crystal727: cookie
Yafee 2010-2-4 13:10
crystal727: Hello,nice to meet u, the bear in the photo is so lovely
Thank you,.but it has no name now..would like give it a lovely name?~
Yafee 2010-2-4 13:08
crystal727: Hello,nice to meet u, the bear in the photo is so lovely
Thank you..but it has no name now..would you like give it a lovely name~?
MAVERICK 2010-2-4 10:58
woods 2010-2-3 09:26
crystal727: hello~nice to see you!
Nice to meet you~
mindy 2010-2-3 08:51
crystal727: hello mindy! Nice to meet you! Could you tell me what is the meaning of 'replies sb on the wall' here....I'm a newcomer here.
O(∩_∩)O~ When you comment sb. on the wall, one can see it in his space. You can write anything you want to say to the space's host.
toky 2010-2-2 22:10
wellcome! now friend!
mindy 2010-2-2 21:58
Nice to meet u!
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