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  • When you give up the whole forest for one person, Do you ever think whether he would appreciate?The answer is no. Even he will blame you and never respect you when you quarrel with him. Reply
  • It is a raining day today! Reply
  • My buddy "Guaiguai" is an England pointer dog, she is female and sohe is unhappy these days, because there were so many days that she didn't go outside and  play with her dog friends. That's my fault. ... Reply
  • It's raining day today! I have finished my housework. Now I must to do my work. Be a patient people and never give up! Reply
  • It time to learning, do it! Reply
  • Real NameHappier
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday1989 - 4 - 8
  • Birthplace湖北 黄石
  • Residence湖北省 黄石市 西塞山区
  • Blood TypeB
  • QQQQ

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samscri 2011-12-1 01:52
Happier: Hello! Nice to meet you!
Nice meeting you too!
Sharer 2011-5-6 03:30
Happier: I think I must say sorry to you!what I say might be hurt you, maybe you forget, I remember.So I just want to tell you, please believe me the last time
You will leave forever? what does that mean? Anyway, I trust you. what I said just wanted you to make progress in your English day by day! so you shouldn't think it too bad.
Sharer 2011-4-27 05:26
Happier: It 's a long time that I have't seen you write something here. Maybe you're right, I didn't try my best to learn english, I think I was a failture in
That's ok! The key point is that you must be happy!
Galileo 2011-4-1 22:54
  good night
Sharer 2011-3-24 05:28
Hey~I think you need to write something for practice. Don't give up learning English!
Sharer 2011-1-9 14:19
May you finding a good job in the near future!
Sharer 2010-12-13 17:02
Don't stop dreaming! You will succeed!
Sharer 2010-8-5 02:41
I miss you so much!
Sharer 2010-6-12 19:09
Happier: Welcome back! But you forget to see me, I feel so bad!
I'm so sooooooooory! It's my fault. I am on the way.
sunyajun857 2010-5-20 15:11
StevenHAN 2010-5-12 20:47
Happier: Hello!
hello,it is my honored
Sharer 2010-4-21 05:02
Happier: Hi, no time no see here, I am coming back now, monkey monster!
Don't call me that~  Welcome back!
Sharer 2010-4-10 23:56
Be relaxed! Enjoy your beautiful night!
Sharer 2010-4-9 18:10
Tomorrow will the exam day. Best wishes for you! Good luck!
Sharer 2010-4-8 23:56
Happier: When you have been cuihua mountain twice?
The first year of my college time with my dormmate.
Sharer 2010-4-7 18:59
Happier, You are the best! Go go go!
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