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  • after seeing two of my best friends,i feel really good! Reply
  • hello!my friends!i am coming back! Reply
  • hello!my friends!i am coming back! Reply
  • my friends,i am leaving.and i will be back. Reply
  • It is rainy Reply
  • Real NameAmma
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday1987 - 11 - 2
  • Birthplace陕西 西安
  • Residence陕西 西安
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i love my friends 2011-01-25
i love my friends,all of them, they are the people who laugh with me when i am happy. they are also the people who help me when i mee ...
(594) Views|(3) Replies
I am coming back after a really really long 'journary' 2011-01-19
I have spent for nearly a year to prepare for an important exam. And during the last six mouths i was studying and studying which somet ...
(670) Views|(6) Replies
Friends 2010-06-26
I am not a talkative person,especially when I meet some strange people. But I like chatting with my friends and we often share our happiness ...
(757) Views|(10) Replies
I Want to Find Myself,the Happy One 2010-06-17
I want to find myself,the happy one. The sentence above is coming from one of my friends in dioenglsih. I show it to you now,because I dee ...
(566) Views|(5) Replies
Forrest Gump 2010-06-10
I still remember the day when I first watched the film called Forrest Gump.Maybe you do not believe it that I cried after watching it.There was somet ...
(613) Views|(13) Replies

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kinzhang 2011-4-10 10:33
take a brisk walk around here...warmly welcome to my zone...
daxdug 2011-1-20 14:39
wow,happy new year~
daxdug 2010-10-29 16:27
when will you be bakc,Amma,I miss you~
daxdug 2010-8-26 11:42
when will you be back,Amma~
ynglish 2010-6-16 16:10
happy dragon boat day   little girl
leaves 2010-6-13 14:26
Amma: you are so cute
Thank you!
Tigrisfish 2010-5-28 20:46
Amma: hello,my friend.Echo is the writer I like the most.
Hope that one day we can discuss something about her together if we both have time.
ok my friend,i'd love to.
i as well love her most~
Amma 2010-5-23 18:47
thanks, your english is nice,too.
we can learn from each other,my friend.
chykra 2010-5-23 18:42
All i want to say is that your english is so,so,so well.
Amma 2010-5-21 17:06
everything will go well.
chykra 2010-5-20 23:31
I'm sorry for i deleting your comment by mistake.And thank you for your kindness.Everything goes well,i hope.
Amma 2010-5-18 18:18
AmTy 2010-5-18 16:16
Amma 2010-5-18 10:45
your eye is beautiful!
Pennyniu 2010-5-18 01:15
Hi~it's so late to say hi, but, hi~~
ly.identity 2010-5-11 10:55
Amma: your profile is so lovely
Thank you~ and I like Amma's avatar, too!
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