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  • New year plan:going to taipei .apply for NSFC.publish 3 or 4 TV program. 4 or 5 lectures.if possible see my friend Reply
  • I am feeling much better today. Talking with her for 20 minutes like an old friend. Love gone, friendship remains. Reply
  • Yesterday I was very tired and a bit depressed, so I wrote a letter to her, angrily accusing of her for being cruel and asking her to end our friendship once for all. Today I relented. Reply
  • Finally my program was broadcasted on CCTV. Happy and relieved. Reply
  • The sunshine has come. I am feeling better now. Afterall, we have to work to earn a living, and that requires a balanced mentality. Reply
  • GenderMale
  • Birthday3 - 17
  • Residence北京 朝阳
  • Blood TypeB

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huckabee 2013-5-5 22:26
I would never forget my good friends here, even though I seldom come back and write blogs recently. I believe someday I will splash again.
ly.identity 2013-3-17 17:02
Happy Birthday~
ly.identity 2012-10-28 16:03
Mr. Liu, nice to MEET you, via a TV programn though. I like your conclusion. Of course I enjoy your explanations, but they are professional and it's difficult for me to associate this expert with the writer I know in DIO. But from your conlusion, I know it's you. So, nice to MEET you. By the way, I have Asia Blush.
Soar 2012-9-29 10:01
Happy Mid-autumn Day!
Soar 2012-9-24 22:41
You are really good at writing. Hope to read more.
2010jj 2012-6-23 21:32
Happy Dragon Boat Festival
fairy0612 2011-12-30 19:05
Dear elder brother, simply coming and see you, happy new year~
bluebird 2011-9-11 15:02
Comes another Mid-autumn Festival. Best wishes to my dear big brother
shara 2011-9-4 20:16
Make sure that you will rectify my sentences if they are too many chin-english or make no sense. Please
shara 2011-9-4 20:13
huckabee: Ha,ha. A career girl should have a hobby. Playing tennis is a reasonable choice for you; I always consider you are atheletic.
Indeed,I just finished playing shuttle cock, and beat all my friends,but I can move nothing but fingers.
yaping 2011-9-4 13:18
what's going on?
shara 2011-9-3 21:09
Really cool.If one has a hobby and could stick on it ,he will  make really good on it.I hope that I can find my hobby. Actually I love tennis and swimming,but I want to afford the cost myself,maybe someday I can be a good amateur tennis player .
Katherinefc 2011-6-3 15:09
my intuition brought me here today...  how r u doing??? bee-bee lol
Katherinefc 2011-4-10 13:26
it's a routine to practice to drop by your "home", haha...
ly.identity 2011-3-19 22:56
Though it's late now, still, Happy Birthday to You.
Katherinefc 2011-2-28 19:18
everytime i come to your place ,always can't help to leave some prints!! haha~` how are you doing?
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