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  • Buy new clothes foy my children preparing for the  spring festival . Reply
  • I decide to make friends here again ,is there someone who want to write English and speak English with me ?  Reply
  • buddies,the radio can't listent Reply
  • MOm warned me not to give up the teaching jop. Reply
  • I fear that I would cry tomorrow.Anyway bless you.I could be single while you can't. Reply
  • Real Namelinxiaoqin
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday1988 - 11 - 1
  • Birthplace福建 三明
  • Residence福建 漳州
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havent been here for more than three years 2015-06-12
oh ,my godess so long I haven't write english blog,the first thing I did is to vist some old friends,I found most of them didn't come here lo ...
(938) Views|(11) Replies
Something lost gradually with the time passed 2012-06-08
Loog time no be here.It seems I have fogot the words I talk to a friend one day ,the words like I would be here usually ,as I could get much good feel ...
(1076) Views|(5) Replies
A dilemma Again 2011-11-15
In fact ,just a problem wiht me now,regarding the problem as a dilemma isn't proper.However,I could find out another word to express my state now. ...
(1268) Views|(18) Replies
Take Notes(hope help) 2011-07-14
Every time when I at home ,I would write down new words on my notebook.However,I found there is question,when I leave my note book,I would miss the n ...
(1240) Views|(13) Replies
Love for life 2011-07-03
Tonight,one messege pop up on the computer ,with a big theme calling"趁活着,我们结婚吧". With my strong curious,I clicked it,and finish it nearly ...
(1150) Views|(4) Replies

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Jessfon 2011-7-10 23:06
empty~empty: Could you share what you are doing ?You should learn to have a good rest properly.
carving a career for myself.
Brant 2011-6-30 09:13
just see see you
Jessfon 2011-6-28 23:14
empty~empty: Something bad ,something good,on the whole ,it is so so.Any you?What do you do?
busy every day, i feel so tired !
Jessfon 2011-6-27 22:38
Long time no see, and how are you ?
zolin 2011-5-21 00:56
hey U r from san ming ?U know what we re going to san ming steel company on this summer vacation
小法 2011-5-14 13:07
kinzhang 2011-3-30 14:33
miss here long time ,take a look ...
EmmaYred 2011-3-21 10:57
empty~empty: I think I'm qaulifed to be your senior.,Glad to meet you here.
Nice to meet you, too.Are you in the school? Or go to work?
怡兰 2011-3-11 23:00
empty~empty: Hello,nice to meet you,aren't you Chinese?
Nice to meet you too! No I'm not Chinese, I'm Italian, but I can speak Chinese!
Jessfon 2011-2-26 19:54
To know you is my pleasure
swa437 2011-1-1 12:02
Happy new year's day!
touringchina 2010-12-2 20:03
empty~empty: Year,I haven't been here for a long time,coz I couldn't spare my time to read and write the essay on dio-English.I think it's all my wrong with this e
well,then it has always been my pleasure receiving your message,meanwhile your coming into this forum will add some real activeness here which is benificial to all of us. welcome back.
touringchina 2010-11-22 21:18
long time no see
jeffyang 2010-11-10 04:38
There is a nice greeting conversation video in tudou.
O'Bright 2010-10-26 22:19
littlegrass 2010-9-22 23:51
On this warm occasion, one of the most simple to you my friend: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I wonder whether my wishes can reach you. Let me drink a toast for my rriend with my best wishes.
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