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Bored! 2011-11-25
Do the same work every day,do you feel bored. I find that there are several days every month in which my mood is not good.When thoese days coming, ...
(892) Views|(1) Replies
What am I doing. 2011-11-24
Now,there is a little different between my present job and the last one.The product or system I design becomes smaller than before. In the la ...
(964) Views|(7) Replies
The relationg ship between colleagues 2011-11-23
,Every day,we work together with,in the company,we have two things to deal with,one is the work for which we are responsible,the other ...
(1264) Views|(2) Replies
feel the pressure! 2011-11-14
Recently,I feel greater pressure in spoken English as the people around me all speak English fluently,when they chat or talk in English,what I c ...
(969) Views|(4) Replies
Have diner with foreigner! 2011-11-03
Today, I have lunch with foreigner, it is my first time to sit together with foreigner to have diner. There are five people,two foreigners and thr ...
(884) Views|(11) Replies

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littlegrass 2010-9-24 10:00
On this warm occasion, one of the most simple to you my friend: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I wonder whether my wishes can reach you. Let me drink a toast for my rriend with my best wishes.
littlegrass 2010-8-16 08:23
Happy Double-seventh Festival! Wish all shall be well, and Jack have Jill. Life will never be the same without love.
littlegrass 2010-8-15 11:20
Offer our sincerest and profoundest condolences to the victims as the disastrous debris flow and the best regards and expectations to the alive!
applelee 2010-6-24 11:04
hi ,i am lucky to meet you ,please allow me to call you 师兄。hehe ,i am a senior student ,and my major is environment science,i feel at sea now ,i wanna know the prospect of this major ,you must be know much of this field ,i wanna listen to your
advice .
nail 2010-6-9 17:58
hello,glad  to  see u
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