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psychological problem

176 views. 2017-4-15 21:09 | problem

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    Psychological problem, i once thought the symptoms who have must be a very vulnerable person.

    But now i seem that i belong to that sensitive group. Ironically.

    What the situation triggers my inside psychological disorder is when i ill. The doctor told me maybe I went through a very painful illness made me once I felt abormal my mind automatically exaggerating the normal accepted feeling to be painful which the normal people would ignore.

    Yes, when i out of hospital i quite skeptical about the doctor`s conclusion. I tried to conscientiously clam down myself and breathe in and out with empty mind. And after a half felt better. So the doctor is right.

    The good news after that experience, or diagnosis, when i ill i still will dilate the pain but in controlled measurement. After getting the hospital results i felt much better that the pain automaticlly greatly allaied before the medicine acting on. I am sorry for my easily broken heart.

    I think with the time and sun, thanks for my hardworking and life persuit, i will be on the road of healing.

    At last, i want to say the problem is never threatening, the way you treat it is much more crucial.

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